Back with a vengeance

CLEMSON - There were plenty of folks who saw Spencer Shuey and thought the same thing -- there is no way that guy can run sideline to sideline and be the kind of playmaker Clemson's defense sorely needed.

Well, he certainly proved us wrong.

"I don't think that really had anything to do with it. I just kind of know my job, do my job and have the best technique out there, play my best," Shuey said. "That's what I went out there and did."

Yes, he did.

After taking over as the starting middle linebacker against Virginia Tech last season, Shuey totaled 69 tackles over the final seven games of the season. He finished the season with 93 tackles, six tackles for loss and a sack.

As for the armchair quarterbacks, Shuey didn't even know what they were saying, nor did he even care to ask for their opinion.

"I don't really pay attention to all of that negative stuff. I just kind of keep my head down and stay off social media as much as possible," Shuey said. "I just come out here and work."

During the spring, Shuey's job title changed. He was moved from the middle [MIKE] to the weak-side [WILL].

While the title may be different, the description is close to the same. Shuey put it in layman's terms for us armchair quarterbacks.

"There's really not a whole lot different, as calls or whatever," he said. "MIKE relates to number three, WILL relates to number two. But a lot of it kind of carries over a good bit. It wasn't too challenging.

"It's just kind of the angle that you look at the offense, covering the slot receiver versus a running back coming out of the backfield."

Just a shade over two weeks before kickoff, Shuey looks forward to the challenge of facing a Georgia offense that's led by Aaron Murray, Todd Gurley and Keith Marshall.

"It just makes every practice a little more important. You can't waste a day. When I look at that countdown clock…it feels like yesterday and it said 180 days away. It's definitely coming fast," Shuey said. Top Stories