Digging through annals of history

CLEMSON - To dig up every little bit of info that he could find on Georgia, Chad Morris said he went back a couple of decades.

The third-year Clemson coordinator looked at a ton of film over the summer. Some of it, he said, dates back before the birth of every player in this year's game.

"We went back to the early 80s watching Georgia," Morris said, cracking a wry smile. "We've watched so much Georgia. We've watched about as much as you could possibly watch."

OK, so Morris probably hasn't looked at film of the Dawgs from when he was a Math major at Texas A&M.

Sarcasm aside, 2010, the first-year of defensive coordinator Todd Grantham, might be the furthest Morris has gone back to get a sense of what he might see on Aug. 31.

It's rare for Morris to offer a vanilla, coach-speak-type answer. But that's usually par for the course when starts to discuss specifics about an opponent.

"They're going to mix up their fronts. We've got to be able to pick that up," Morris said. "We've seen that going out here against our [defense]. Our guys are so versatile and multiple. It's the same way. Our guys are prepared for just about everything you can throw at them right now."

Jordan Jenkins is one of the top returning players to the UGA defense.
He added, "They play aggressive. They're fast. They're physical. They're very multiple. I think those probably stand out as much as anything."

Though nearly every starter from the country's 32nd best defense went on to the NFL after last season, Morris said there are plenty contributors that are back for Georgia.

"You look at the schemes, the players they had last year, a lot of those guys played in some roll or some capacity in the course of the game. There are a few that played," Morris said. "They've got experience and they're going to play hard."

From there, he proceeded to lay the coach speak.

"They've got a tradition that they uphold there. They play hard. They're coached. They watched film," Morris said. "It's going to come down to execution. That's what it's going to come down to, that's why our guys have got to know exactly what we're doing, know it 100 percent."

Then, Morris went to his go-to quote for this time of year. And he made no bones about it.

"I've said it and I'll continue to say it as long as y'all ask me. Let's worry about the Clemson Tigers. That's the biggest thing we've got in front of us right now. Let's worry about us," Morris said. "We're going to have them ready for whatever opponent we play, but our biggest opponent right now is the Clemson Tigers."

It's hard to blame Morris for straying away from his usual quotable path. At this point, just over a week before game day, there's no need to tip your hand.

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