Sizing up the Dawgs

Just eight days from kickoff, CUTigers caught up with Dawg Post publisher Dean Legge for his perspective on Georgia, next Saturday's game and much more.

The following Q and A is the first in a two-part conversation with Legge.

Do you think Aaron Murray needs to win this game to help his legacy at Georgia? Is it like that?
Legge: It's a no win situation for Aaron. If he wins the game -- Georgia people expect him to win the game -- there is no game Georgia plays they don't expect to win, maybe with the exception of the last two SEC Championship games, particularly the 2011 one. There is no game they don't expect to win. If you don't win, you're crucified. If you do win, you were supposed to win and this game doesn't matter anyway, it's a non-conference game. No, I don't think he has to win the game, but I think the alternative is much worse than him than anything else. There are two games -- three -- that he has to win. This year, one of them is South Carolina. You always have to beat Florida. You have to beat Georgia Tech. That's how it goes.

Who does Georgia turn to if his helmet gets knocked off, or if something worse happens?
Legge: Hutson Mason, a fourth-year junior. He's really had very limited playing experience…people inside the program are very confident in him, but he's never played when it's mattered.

Do you think Todd Gurley can repeat what he did last year as a freshman?
Legge: He only ran for 1,300 yards. My guess is he can do that, for sure. But I don't know if they're going to make him do that. They might not have to. Todd's got this year and next year before he's eligible to leave and I would imagine he will leave early. I think, when they need Todd, they're going to throw him out there. There were two games which he was just ineffective and one of them was because of the score, that was South Carolina. They got beat and they were just so far behind. They kind of had to ditch the running game at 21-0. The one that was kind of strange, they couldn't run against Kentucky, for whatever reason. Aaron won that game. But Todd is a really, really good player. He's one of the better players in the SEC. If they don't have him, they've got Keith [Marshall]. As good as Keith is, he's not Todd. Todd's a heck of a football player. He's one of the better football player Georgia's had this past decade.

Is Keith Marshall really 219 pounds?
Legge: Yeah, he's a little fast guy compared to Todd, but he's big. That's the crazy thing. They both are big guys. Keith is bigger in the upper body versus Todd's lower body…that's the issue with Todd. How low he gets is crazy. Keith is more upright. If Keith could just keep his balance a little more, he'll have more explosive plays. I would expect Todd to get anywhere from 15-30 and Keith gets 8-12, for sure. They don't really have a number three, not really. I don't expect anybody to run the ball besides those guys, lining up at running back. They could have a reverse or a sweep, but that's not really what Georgia does. They just kind of line up and run the ball. It's predictable, but it works.

What's going on with another guy who Clemson really wanted, Tramel Terry?
Legge: I don't think Tramel plays. There are a few reasons why. He's almost back from the ACL, but not quite back. Secondly, as talented as he is, he would still have a hard time. They've got six or seven legitimate wide receivers who are very good college receivers.

How are things shaking up at wide receiver?
Legge: You've got a bunch of them. They're kind of like Georgia's defensive line. There are a bunch of them and they're all pretty good. They're not world beaters. Nobody in there is A.J. Green, but they're not bad at all. They're not limited. They've got the two kids that started for them last year, [Michael] Bennett and [Malcolm] Mitchell. Mitchell is a burner and Bennett seems to catch anything. Then you've got Chris Conley and Jonathon Rumph from Cayce. Justin Scott-Wesley, Blake Tibbs. They've got a lot of different guys. The tight ends are receivers but they catch the ball -- Jay Rom and Artie Lynch. I don't think Artie is as good a tight end as those in the recent past…but he's good.

Are you like me when looking at these tight ends? I think they could be the best duo in the country.
Legge: They're good. I don't know what other people have at tight end around the country. Jay will probably be a better tight end than Artie.

The offensive line returns every starter from last season. Have there been any changes on that front?
Legge: Everybody is back, but then you have the addition of Kolton Houstin, who may or may not start against Clemson.

Is there a guy on the offensive side of the ball who isn't right now, but could be a household name by the end of the season?
Legge: Not necessarily. I think Keith is going to have a better 2013 than 2012. I think he'll get a little more attention than he did last year. Todd had such a good year and Todd will have a good year again. I just think Keith will have a little bit better year than he had last year. Keith had 800 yards. People forget that. He had one of the best freshmen running back years in Georgia history. It's just that the guy in front of him had the second best in Georgia history, or first best, one of the two. There are too many guys that came back. They have, basically, nine or 10 starters coming back from last year. That's a lot. Top Stories