The transformation continues

CLEMSON - The Stanton Seckinger we first got to know in 2010 is a different dude than the one who's at Clemson right now.

Back then, not many folks thought a 6-foot-5, 195-pound wide receiver from a small private school in Charleston could cut it at this level. His only offers were from Clemson, N.C. State and Memphis.

Though Stanton Seckinger has played just 88 snaps of college football, he's developed into a very intriguing 230-pound tight end.

Yeah, that's right. Seckinger weighs 230 pounds. He's up nearly 20 pound since the Clemson coaches moved him to tight end last season. The weight has been a very welcomed addition.

"You can definitely tell a difference, especially if you're kicking out on an end or wrapping on a counter, anything like that," Seckinger said. "I guess, last year, I was fluctuating between 208 and 210 pounds. People could just grab you and kind of start moving you."

Stanton Seckinger before his senior year at Porter-Gaud.
Not anymore.

"Once start stepping in there and using some decent technique, you can really tell a big difference, as far as once they get their hands on you and you get your hands on them, they're not necessarily moving you around," Seckinger said. "It's helped tremendously, in my opinion."

Seckinger's arrival to Clemson came with little fanfare. One of five wide receivers in that vaunted 2011 signing class, Sammy Watkins, Charone Peake and Martavis Bryant had at least twice the stars and way more offers.

His initial offer from Clemson was to greyshirt. But, before he signed with the Tigers, it turned into a standard scholarship offer.

"I just thought, when I come to Clemson, my objective is to work as hard as I could, contribute to the team however I can. Hopefully, after all of that, I can get on the field," Seckinger said. "So far, it's starting to come together. I'm just trying to better my game the best I can, try to help us win some games."

When asked about Seckinger earlier this week, Roderick McDowell lit up.

"Seckinger has put some weight on. He's out there blocking, catching balls, you would never think the Seckinger you right see now is the Seckinger [from] last year," McDowell said. "The weight the put on, he's controlling the weight. He's looked pretty good." Top Stories