Clemson hosts D.C. cornerback

A day after Gonzaga College High School played at Charlotte Catholic, two of the Eagles' top juniors visited Clemson.

CB Marcus Lewis Profile

Cornerback Marcus Lewis and linebacker Rahshan Jones were in Tigertown for a couple of hours on Sunday.

"I loved it. Nice campus, it was a beautiful campus. It was a good visit," Lewis told CUTigers later that evening.

It was their first visit to Tigertown.

"We played Charlotte Catholic last night at Charlotte Catholic, so we were only like an hour and a half away from Clemson, so my mom was like, we might as well take a trip down," Lewis said. "It was kind of last minute, but coach [Mike] Reed enjoyed us. We enjoyed him. It was a great visit."

What did they do?

"We went on the field, saw Howard's Rock, saw all of the facilities, coach Reed talked to us a little bit about Clemson. And we got to watch the pump up video."

And what was the message?

"He said I would get a top 25 education and I would play top 25 football, so that's always a good thing when you hear that."

Clemson offered Lewis during the May evaluation period. Temple and Maryland have also offered.

"Pretty much, everyone is even. I don't single out anybody. I just love all of the schools," Lewis said.

A number of factors will be considered as he works toward a decision.

"I basically want to look at education, early playing time and that's pretty much it. And the coaching, those things are going to play a huge factor," he said. Top Stories