On board with the plan

CLEMSON - Chad Morris was very succinct with the message he sent to Germone Hopper at the conclusion of spring practice.

It's got to get better.

"Coming into fall camp, G-Hop was a guy that really needed to step up and needed to improve himself. I thought he had a ho-hum spring, wasn't what I was wanting him to have or what any of us were wanting him to have in the spring," Morris said. "He wasn't nearly as consistent as what we thought."

Hopper stepped up to the plate and responded.

"He's been consistent, so I've been really pleased with him," Morris said. "He's improved his ball security, which was an issue early in fall camp. I'm excited about him."

Morris was enamored with Hopper when he was a four-star wide receiver at Berry Academy in Charlotte, N.C. Included in his sales pitch was a highlight package of Damaris Johnson, who played the 2-position at Tulsa during Morris' only year there.

Johnson, who caught 19 passes for 256 yards during his rookie season with the Eagles, compares favorably to Hopper. It's a skill set that's an ideal fit for the 2-position in Morris' hurry-up, no-huddle offense.

"I think [Hopper] is a guy that is very electric. His first couple of steps are sudden…he's a great fit for that position and what we do," Morris said. "Now that he's kind of on board with the plan, we'll see if we can keep pushing forward with our plans for him."

Morris also shared his thoughts on a number of players at several different positions.


"Not many teams across the country can say their second guy is three years in their system. So, we're very fortunate to have [Cole Stoudt] in that regard. Cole would give us a great opportunity to win. There are some things that [Tajh Boyd] does better than Cole. But there are some things that Cole would bring to the table that we may have to adjust a few things. But we would build on his strengths. Then, Chad Kelly -- Chad has worked extremely hard to get back and has been telling everybody he's going to be back. He's worked as hard as anybody, he and [Sam Cooper] have worked as hard as anybody that I've seen."

Running Back

"Zac Brooks, [C.J. Davidson], we look for those three guys right there [including Roderick McDowell]. That's kind of the three we feel like going in. [D.J. Howard]…kind of a wait and see deal, see how he goes this week in his practice and his workout. We're anticipating him being OK, but we'll see."

"We're extremely excited about [Wayne Gallman] and what [he's] done during fall camp. He'll be there, he's available. You and I will know about the same time [if he won't redshirt]."

Wide Receiver

"Adam Humphries, we know what Adam does. Adam gives us depth all over the field. We know what kind of player he brings and he is. Mike Williams is a guy that continues to impress us. Still a young guy and Mike is a guy that's going to get playing time at some point in time this season, early on. Just great ball skills. Still learning how to play at the level we need to play at consistently, but he's going to be a really good player for us. T.J. Green is another one. He was slowed by an injury early in camp. He's had a good finish to camp, but he's still a ways away. He's going to be a good player for us."

Tight End

"In the spring, we knew this could be one of our positions that we have the least depth at. Is it a concern for me? No, not really. We've got some good players. We've got some good young players that are coming. We hope to get [Sam Cooper] back soon. We've got some guys there. We've been able to do some things a little different, be creative in some areas that we'll be. We feel like Darrell Smith is as good a football player as we've got. He's physical. He's got good speed and really good hands. Those are things you look for. Stanton Seckinger is another that you have with the other guys that we have with Jordan Leggett and Jay Jay McCullough. We'll see. Those guys have a scholarship. They're going to have to go earn it. Darrell Smith, he's a senior. This is his time. We're asking him to go step up to the plate, same thing with Stanton Seckinger."

Offensive Line

"Right now, if something happens at the right tackle position, I think we'll move Isaiah Battle to left tackle and Brandon Thomas goes to right tackle. That's a thought for us until we get some of these other guys ready to go. You've got Shaq Anthony and [Eric MacLain], too. Those guys are getting some reps there as well."

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