Massive OT takes in Clemson-UGA

One of the top prospects in 2016, lives right down the road from Clemson and make the quick trip to Tigertown for Saturday night's thrilling win over No. 5 Georgia.

OT Ben Cleveland Profile

On Saturday night, Ben Cleveland was in Clemson for the Georgia game. It was his first game day experience in Tigertown.

"It was real good. It was special for me and my family. We got to spend time together. It was a really good game and I really enjoyed it," he said, during a recent interview with CUTigers.

The 6-foot-5, 320-pound prospect was impressed with the game day environment.

"It was real good, because there were so many people there," he said. "The crowd was so excited. It was something else…just to hear everybody screaming and shouting. You're going to get that, especially at the season opener. There are always going to be more people show up. That's the game of the year that everybody wants to win, to get that one under their belt for the season."

Clemson running backs coach Tony Elliott greeted Cleveland not long after he arrived to the West End Zone.

"I got to talk to coach Elliott. He was real hospitable to me and my family," Cleveland said. "As soon as I went in to register, he recognized me and introduced himself to me and my parents, carried on a conversation. It felt good knowing that the coaches knew who I was."

He'll take a few more visits later this fall.

"I was planning on going to the Georgia and South Carolina game this Saturday. Clemson games, I'm not real sure. I haven't really looked at their schedule any more in detail, but I'm planning on going to a couple more," Cleveland said.

Clemson, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and Texas have offered. Auburn, Miami, Nebraska and Michigan have expressed interest.

There is no leader or list of favorites.

"I think it's a little bit too early, because I still have three more high school seasons ahead of me and I don't want to jump the gun too quick, so to speak," Cleveland said. Top Stories