Raising the bar

CLEMSON - Jay Jay McCullough has set the bar awfully high. He wants to achieve some big-time things before his career at Clemson is finished.

In four years, he hopes to be mentioned in the same breath as former Clemson tight end Dwayne Allen, who's now in his second season with the Indianapolis Colts.

"I look at a lot of his film all the time, to see the things that he did. The way he plays, I learn from it a lot. I'm still learning from it a lot," McCullough said. "Hopefully, one day, I can break all of his records [and] make my name in history, because I want to break all of his records."

A redshirt freshman, Jay Jay McCullough made his college debut during Saturday's 52-13 win over S.C. State. He caught three passes for 15 yards.

But McCullough understands there are plenty of others he'll have to contend with if he's going to match some of Allen's numbers.

"We have a lot of depth at that position," McCullough said. "Honestly, we can use Darrell Smith, Sam Cooper, Stanton Seckinger, Jordan Leggett and me. We all can be in that rotation.

"With this team that we have now, we all can go in that rotation. I'm sure coach won't have just one 3-back out there doing all of the jobs. We're all good at that position. That helps us a lot, to keep fresh legs and speed out there on the field."

Even though Monday was his first interview at Clemson, McCullough spoke like a seasoned veteran. He offered a quick evaluation of himself and several other players at the position.

On Cooper…
"He's gotten better at running routes, catching balls and stuff like that. He's more of that true blocking tight end. He's good at blocking. He's real good at blocking."

On Seckinger…
"He came in at wide receiver at first, but he's been working real hard at tight end. He's getting better. He's good at blocking and route running. He's a good route runner. He can run."

On Leggett…
"He played wide receiver in high school, so he's not really used to blocking yet. But he's gotten way better since he got here the first time. He's more of a route runner."

On himself…
"I can line up anywhere. I played running back my whole life, throughout high school. Now, I'm here at 3-back. I'm good at running routes, getting little quick balls. I would like to get quick screens, get the ball and head north."

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