Four-star TE enjoys visit

Garrett Williams, who's rated by as the No. 8 tight end in the class of 2015, visited Clemson for the season opener with Georgia.

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It was his third trip to Tigertown this year. The First Academy [Orlando, Fla.] junior stopped by during the spring to watch a practice and returned in June for the Dabo Swinney Football Camp.

"I brought my whole family and my girlfriend this time," Williams told CUTigers. "We spent a lot of time with the coaches, which is always good. We got to see an incredible game in an unbelievable atmosphere. We had a very good time."

Swinney, Jeff Scott, Danny Pearman and Brad Scott all spoke with the Williams party.

"They've already told me how interested they are in me. We just kind of talked, talked about what they were doing, got to know each other a little more," Williams said. "Last time, they really explained to me how they wanted me and how they wanted me, all that stuff, so we didn't talk too much about that. We just got to know each other this time."

He added, "Coach Pearman, he just explained to me how they want me up at Clemson and how I would fit in to what they did, and how my family and who I am fits what they're looking for at Clemson, what they're about.

"They just want me up there. Coach Pearman told me that, also, coach Swinney did as well."

The feeling is mutual.

"Clemson, it's a great opportunity to be a play-maker at tight end. That's really attractive," Williams said.

Clemson has offered Williams to play tight end or defensive end, but he's leaning towards the offensive side of the ball, particularly if he decides to become a Tiger.

"I've been thinking about it a lot late, if I went to Clemson, tight end would be a great position to play," he said.

Williams hopes to visit Florida State and Tennessee later this fall.

As a sophomore, he had 80 tackles and 13 sacks. Top Stories