David Sharpe: A Father's Perspective

David Sharpe, Jr. listens to his father. The Scout 300 offensive tackle has big offers on the table and his father is going step by step through the process with him. David Sharpe, Sr. shares his thoughts here...

David Sharpe, Sr. has a military background and he pushes his son to be the best he can be and shows that tough love when he feels its needed.

The father wants his son to be in good hands when he goes off to college, so while David Sharpe is enjoying the love from college coaches, the father is reading between the lines trying to see how his son would fit in at that university.

The father is there now and he will be there all the way until the end of his son's recruitment.

"I am just there to oversee things, give him my support, and just see what is really going on with these schools," said Sharpe, Sr. "David is still a kid, so he may get some things mixed up, so I am there to support him, get my own opinion, and then be able to answer David's questions if he has any. He is visiting who he wants to visit and he is talking to who he wants to talk to, but I am there with him to help if I can."

Sharpe, Sr. goes into a visit with his own set of questions and he wants to leave knowing that the school is right or wrong for his son.

"I ask a lot of questions when I go on the visits with him. I ask injury questions, academic questions, and things like that because I want to make sure he is going to be taken care of. David may not think about those things or know how to ask the questions, so I want to be there to handle that for him. We need to know what he'd be getting into if he chose that school, so I feel this in important."

He had a lot of questions for the Georgia coaches a couple weeks ago when they visited UGA and it seems the head coach passed the test.

"Georgia has a hell of a coaching staff. I give Mark Richt a lot of credit because he has spent time with David and spent time checking on him. He finds out how his games go, how he is doing, and those things are important to me. I love the homey feeling at Georgia and Mark Richt is a great man. I wouldn't mind my son being in his hands."

Before tripping to Athens, it was Clemson that had the two on their campus. They saw the Tigers beat the Bulldogs and the Sharpe's have a connection to CU.

"I like Clemson too and I know a good bit about their program. Clemson got off to a good start with us because my cousin James Coley went there and played tight end. We went up to Clemson for the Georgia game and David enjoyed it. It is a nice place, we talked to some of the old coaches there, and the atmosphere there was really good. My cousin has told us a lot about Clemson and it is a nice place. It has the country feel to it and we felt pretty comfortable there."

The next school that could have the 6-foot-6, 295 pound offensive tackle and his father on their campus is Florida.

The Gators host Tennessee this weekend and Gainesville, Fla. is a place the Sharpe family is familiar with.

"We have visited Florida over a dozen times and Florida is the school we have spent the most time at," said Sharpe, Sr. "We were born and raised here in Jacksonville, Fla. and I have been a Florida guy my entire life. I am a big Steve Spurrier fan, then Urban Meyer came in and won, and it has always been Gators for me. David has liked them like I have, so we have visited Florida much more than any other school to this point.

"We are not 100-percent sure yet if we are visiting Florida this weekend, but we are thinking about it. They have been recruiting David hard for a while and David has always liked Florida."

The talk early on was that Sharpe was a lock to the Gators or that he was at least a strong lean to UF. The dad shares his thoughts on that.

"I have been a Gator fan from day one, so David has liked them for a long time too. That is not going to interfere with the recruiting process though. We have heard David is a 90-percent sure-thing to Florida and that is not the case.

"Florida is still a school he is considering, but so is Georgia, so is Alabama, so is Clemson, and other schools. David is nowhere near a decision right now."

The four-star prospect out of Jacksonville (Fla.) Providence has not scheduled any of his official visits, but there is a possibility Alabama, North Carolina, and USC get one. He will take all five official visits and his likely will wait until signing day to announce his decision.

For now, the father and son will continue to visit schools, talk to coaches, and try to find the right fit.

The father may be assisting now, but when it comes time to make that important decision, it will be all about David Sharpe, Jr.

"It is going to be David's decision all the way," said Sharpe, Sr. "If he asks me, then I will give him my opinion, but this is his decision. I will stand by what he decides and support him no matter what school he chooses. This is all on him to decide."

Sharpe, Sr. is just doing what he thinks a father should do when they have a kid in this situation.

"People may think I am making the decision or something, but that is not the case. I am taking him to as many different places as I can so he can see what each school is like that he has interest in. He wants to see everywhere, so I am doing all I can make it possible. It is only fair to him with this big decision he has to make."

The recruiting process is something many prospects enjoy and all are thankful to be in that position, but the younger Sharpe is not enjoying as much as some may be right now.

He is going to be happy once it all comes to an end, but the All-American is going to take his time and make sure he finds the school for him.

"It has been stressful for him. He is a very quiet kid and all the publicity is getting to him a little bit. He is trying to concentrate on school, work in football, and he is a good kid, so I know he will get through it, but there is a lot on him.

"I think he is looking at the coaching staff and what school can offer him an opportunity to play early when deciding on a school. David is a kid that wants a chance to play right away and he is looking at that. It will likely come down to that and how the coaches recruit him."

Signing day 2013 is still over four months away, so a lot will still happen for this father-son out of Jacksonville as they close in on a monumental moment together.

Sharpe, Sr. stressed that it will his son's decision in the end when that day comes, but at this time, he has a couple of favorites.

"So far, Georgia and Clemson stand out the most to me personally," said Sharpe, Sr. "That is just my opinion though. I felt very comfortable at those schools. We are going to take many more visits though, so we will see if that changes.

"David hasn't really talked to me much about who his favorites are, so we could be thinking totally differently right now. It is going to be his favorite that he signs with, not mine. I am just supporting him and helping if needed."

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