Learning on the fly

RALEIGH, N.C. - There was a point on Thursday night when Chad Morris decided that it was just time to shut up.

Through three quarters, Tajh Boyd struggled. He knew it. Morris knew it. Everyone in the country watching on ESPN knew it.

With time, Boyd broke eventually fought his way out of the slump he found himself in on Thursday night.

"He hadn't had too many of those times in his career over the last few years," Morris said. "It's something you learn from. You rally, you pick yourself back up and here you go.

"At some point, you can't say anything. You talk and talk and talk. At some point, he doesn't want to hear from anybody. He wants to figure it out himself. It was good for him to hit a couple of passes and get back into the flow of things."

Several of those passes went to Martavis Bryant. Two of them were touchdowns [15, 30].

Big night for Bryant

"It's a big confidence booster. But, at the same time, I've got to stay humble. I've got to keep working from here." - Bryant

"That's a guy that needed to play well. That's a guy -- for this whole thing to work, he's got to be a guy that comes on. I think you saw that tonight. I was glad to see that from him." - Morris

"What a great game, just a tremendous game…really proud of him. That's what we've got to have. The guy's got to make plays." - Dabo Swinney

Winning away from home

"A lot of guys were able to step up and make plays. I definitely feel like we have a good team." - Spencer Shuey

"It's hard to win anywhere on the road in college football, the NFL. It just is, for all obvious reasons. They had some extra time. I was really proud of our guys handling adversity." - Venables

"I'm proud of the guys. We'll move on from this one, learn from it. I think it's a great opportunity for us to grow…look forward to being at home and do everything we can to try to get to 4-0. That's the objective." - Swinney

"Our guys showed the wherewithal, the fortitude to really fight throw a tough situation, another really good win as a team." - Venables

"Proud of the win, thought we rallied back in that second half." - Morris

"Football is a team sport. In one week the offense can win it for you. One week, the defense can step up. That's what we were able to do tonight." - Shuey

Lots to look at

"They gave a lot of looks that our guys really haven't seen on video. They did a great job of making some on the field adjustments and making some great plays at critical times." - Venables

"They've had great success, whether it's at Wisconsin or Northern Illinois. It's a good system. At the end of the day, our guys all handled it pretty good. We'll learn from it. Hopefully, handle it better next time, but gave ourselves a chance to win because of the adjustments and the ability to get lined up and defend things the correct way, for the most part." - Venables

Turning up the pressure

"A lot of times, the tackle tells us by their sets. You can just really see if they're in a passing or a run set." - Vic Beasley

"That's a big improvement from over a year ago. You'd like to think, sometimes, he's holding the ball for coverage sacks, too. You'd like that to be the case, at times." - Venables

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