Brownell wants to pick up the pace

SENECA, S.C. - Brad Brownell is taking a page out of Chad Morris' handbook. He wants to go faster.

Heading into his fourth season as the Clemson head coach, Brownell plans to force the issue more on both ends of the court.

"I think we have 10 guys that can play," Brownell said on Wednesday, during his annual media golf outing. "I don't know if our one, two and three best players are better than other team's one, two and three best players, but I'm optimistic that our seven, eight, nine and 10 are going to be better. There's not going to be a lot of drop off.

"We're going to have consistent play when we go to the bench, when we make substitutions, so we're going to try to play more aggressively this year."

There will be a number of different looks on the offensive end.

"We've worked on some motion this year already. I think we'll do a couple of different things," Brownell said. "We'll certainly do some ball screen stuff with lineups when we have a couple of ball handlers in there. I think we'll run a lot of motion. I think we're going to try to play faster."

Music to many Clemson fans' ears.

"I don't think we'll walk it up after misses as much," Brownell said. "We'll try to get the ball in front, be aggressive and flow into offense. We really want to try to flow into better offense this year, and have some consistency in what we're trying to do, in terms of pace."

On defense, Brownell thinks this year's team will have a look similar to the 2010-11 squad.

"Because of better depth, I think we can pressure full-court more, like we did a couple of years ago, and get after teams like my first year," he said. "That will be something I think we can do a little bit differently, so I think we can play 10 guys in games and wear people out."

Exactly who plays the most minutes and who starts where is still up in the air. All that stuff will sort itself out over the next month before the opener with Stetson on Nov. 8.

Rod Hall, Adonis Filer and Jordan Roper will be in the mix at point guard. Damarcus Harrison, Devin Coleman and Roper are working at the shooting guard.

K.J. McDaniels is the guy at the small forward position, but Austin Ajukwa and Jaron Blossomgame could see minutes there, too.

Inside at power forward, Blossomgame is competing with Ibrahim Djambo. At center are Landry Nnoko, Josh Smith and Sidy Djitte.

"One thing that I like about our team: There's going to be competition for positions," Brownell said. "If you don't play well, do what you're supposed to do, some other guy will take your spot. We'll just plug him in and see what he can do. We have guys that can do some different things."

He added, "The competition that you have is critical for success. It makes guys come to practice and play hard. It makes them pay attention. It makes them produce." Top Stories