Boyd shows out

SYRACUSE, N.Y. - It's not everyday that Tajh Boyd throws five touchdown passes and sets a school record for passing yards.

But, when he does, Clemson usually wins. It was the fifth time in his career that Boyd tossed five touchdown passes. And, like every other time he's thrown that many touchdowns, the Tigers won.

Clemson rolled to a 49-14 win over Syracuse in the Carrier Dome on Saturday afternoon.

"What can you say about our quarterback? He's something special. Teddy Bridgewater brought his top 10 team in here and couldn't get it done. Geno [Smith] brought his top 10 team in here and couldn't get it done," Dabo Swinney said, referencing Syracuse upsets in the previous two seasons.

"Tajh Boyd did. I think that's a credit to him and his focus."

Boyd finished his afternoon 20 of 27 for 455 yards and five touchdowns. The first two [60, 42], went to Adam Humphries in the first quarter.

"The thing with Adam is I missed him a couple of times this season. I said, ‘Look, Adam. Don't hate me. I still love you.' That's been my message to him all week," Boyd said. "He's an outstanding player."

Boyd isn't too bad either.

Touchdown passes No. 2 and 3 were in the second quarter. The first was a 17-yard dime to Stanton Seckinger and the other a 40-yard strike to Martavis Bryant.

Boyd capped his night with a 91-yard, third quarter hookup with Sammy Watkins.

"We needed a spark," Boyd said. "I'm always pleased when coach gives me an opportunity to go out there and try to lead these guys and put the ball in my hands."

Though Chad Morris might have a slight bias, he said that Boyd was the best player on Ernie Davis Legends Field.

"To stand in the pocket with all the pressure they were bringing us, to step up and make the plays that he made…I thought he did a great job of finding open receivers, and pulling the ball down and making plays with his feet," Morris said.

But the story of the game was Boyd's work through the air. Boyd broke his own Clemson record for passing yards in a single game on the touchdown pass Watkins, who finished the game with four catches for 126 yards.

It wasn't all 10 to 2. Boyd was very democratic with his throws.

Humphries had three catches for 118 yards. Bryant caught three passes for 79 yards. Seckinger had three catches for 48 yards.

"As a quarterback, my goal is to not get the ball to one or two guys. I want to be the distributor…that's when I'm at my happiest, when a lot of guys can contribute and touch the ball," Boyd said.

Syracuse head coach Scott Shafer certainly was impressed with the Heisman Trophy candidate, too.

"He is a very talented player. He makes plays with his feet as well as his arm. He's perfect in that offense and they do a great job scheming it," Shafer said. Top Stories