Talkin' with Tajh

CLEMSON - CUTigers talks with Tajh Boyd as the Tigers continue to prepare for ACC rival Boston College.

Is your finger or your hand that was hurt better this week?
Boyd:Oh yea, my hand is fine. I just had a bone bruise right at the bottom of my hand so it was stinging for a little bit. It hurt a little bit Saturday night, but in the morning it had calmed down and now it is good to go.

Before the game, the Syracuse players did a lot of talking, did they do much talking on the field?
Boyd: No, they were actually pretty courteous on the field. Again, I think after a while you gain a respect on the field. With as much talk that goes on off the field, it is a totally different story on the field.

You talked about wanting to have that big game a few weeks back and now you have it. Does it feel to have the offense clicking like that?
Boyd: Yea, it was good. It was nice to hit a 400-yard game. I have been waiting for one of those for a while. We did a lot of really good things but we left some stuff out there as well. We have made a lot of improvement though, and I really love the way that this team is responding every week.

Has it been tough for you being the guy and the face of the program?
Boyd: Not at all, I am enjoying it. This is one of those deals where it is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Even at the next level, you may be the face of a franchise but it is not as significant as being the face of a university or a program because you are exploited much more. So, I am just trying to take everything in stride and enjoy it. I have only got so much time left so I am just trying to make the most out of it.

Is it hard on your family at all? I know your family is around a lot. Has it been tough on them at all?
Boyd: Not at all. I mean as long as we are winning I think we will be fine. It has been a good treat. It has just been exciting. These five first games so far, I am looking forward to the second half of the season. I honestly think that this atmosphere is the best that you can have in college football.

There is a lot of money to be made at the next level and you are projected to be a high round draft pick and there is a lot said these days about players protecting themselves. We see you diving across the goal line when Clemson is up 20 points, does that ever enter your mind that you need to protect yourself?
Boyd: To an extent but not to the point where it is more important that this program. If I was not going to give everything that I have when I step out on that field then there is no use for me to be out on the field. That is why you have insurance policies, right? I think if something that significant happened, my family would be covered. For me, my main goal is to lead this team and do everything I possibly can for us to win the game. If it is to throw the ball 40 times or run the ball 40 times, whatever it takes, no questions asked. I think it depends on the player but my mentality, and the way that I have been shaped and molded, is that every time you step out on that field you give everything you have got.

We have talked about this being your last year and that ride, does that help keep you focused especially when you have a big game lurking in the background like Florida State?
Boyd: For sure, I think it comes with the maturation process. Early in your career, it can get to you, some of the stuff that comes with prior games. For us, for me especially, I try to take it one game at a time. My main objective is to prove myself every time I step out on that field so it means more intensity in my meetings and watching film. So, I am not so much worried about the next game, only the game that I have control of at the moment. I think it keeps me humble, keeps me diverse, and keeps me ready to perform every week.

Is Florida State a taboo term right now, are you even allowed to mention it?
Boyd: Yea, people will mention it to you but again, the only game that matters right now is the Boston College game. This team comes from a good program; they are very well coached. You can be beat on any given Saturday so for us, it is all about going out there and playing the most complete game that we possibly can.

What has the experience been in previous years with student body interaction, do they come up to you a lot and press you about games or do they let you do your thing?
Boyd: Well, I am not on campus anymore at all so I do not get to interact with students. When they see me, they are like, "Oh Wow," and I am like, "Yea, I am on campus." I have not really experienced it this season as much but from my prior experience, you will have the student base come up to you and talk about this game and that game. Naturally, everybody wants to talk about the Florida State game but you have to remind them that another game is coming before that. If you do not take care of your business this game, it will not even matter when you get to that next game. Top Stories