Seeing is believing

CLEMSON - Shaq Anthony didn't particularly care for the kinds of evaluations he received coming out of Wren High School.

A three-star prospect, according to, Anthony was rated as the No. 52 offensive tackle in the class of 2011. Back then, the word ‘finesse' was frequently tossed around when talent evaluators would describe Anthony.

"At first, I didn't like it, but it was true, because that's what I knew," he said. "Now, I feel like I'm establishing myself as a mutual-sided player when it comes to the offensive line."

Wren was and still is a pass-first offense. During Shaq Anthony's senior year, the Hurricanes attempted 377 passes and just 281 runs.

Once Anthony got to Clemson, he had some developing to do as a run blocker.

"Most guys, I just had to hit a couple of steps, put some hands on them. Austin McCaskill had that ball gone and we were off to the races with touchdowns," Anthony said, referring to his high school playing days.

"As far as technique goes, I hadn't been consistently used to having to run block every play, having to do the right footwork, having to step forward. It was always going backwards," he said. "I really had to work on it my freshman and sophomore year.

"It almost took me the whole time I've been here just to take a couple of steps and become a better run blocker and becoming more of a dominant run blocker than just a consistently pass blocker and being more of a finesse player."

When Gifford Timothy, last year's starter at right tackle, went down with a concussion against N.C. State, Anthony was plugged into his spot and he's started the two games since then.

Based on Chad Morris' comments from Monday, Anthony is likely to start again this Saturday against Boston College.

"I'm just studying more film and really taking ownership, like coach [Dabo] Swinney asked me to do," Anthony said. "He asked me to really take ownership of that position and step up, if I really wanted it, I need to earn it.

"So, just stepping up to the challenge and putting my best foot forward every game, going out there and making sure that what I put on film is something good [and] that I'm able to benefit the team with these wins."

While Anthony has improved his work as a run blocker, pass blocking continues to be his calling card.

"I think speed and quickness are my strengths. Being able to play a different variety of sports growing up, having my dad just helping me out, gave me the ability to train differently," he said. "Most offensive linemen you see, you have a lot of big and slow, but very powerful and rough.

"Me, I kind of present that quickness and speed. But, at the same time, I like to try to be nasty sometimes, too. I have that strength ability as well. I like when I get that chance to go out there and run, find somebody to hit." Top Stories