Blanks is back

CLEMSON - Travis Blanks thinks the storyline is played out. Just because he grew up right down the road from Florida State, so what, who cares?

He certainly doesn't.

For Travis Blanks, this weekend's game is just features another nameless, faceless opponent on the schedule. The Tallahassee native doesn't care that his hometown team will be playing at Clemson this Saturday night.

"That was a storyline last year, my freshman year," Blanks said. "It will be just like playing Boston College. It will be just like playing N.C. State, Georgia. They're just another opponent.

"All the hometown stuff, it's not going to help me play better."

The sophomore free safety doesn't particularly care to be asked about playing against Florida State.

"I felt like it got pretty old for me last year, too, people wanting to make a big story out of it, as if that was going to make me run faster, tackle better," Blanks said. "So, I don't know, I just don't pay attention to it."

Instead, Blanks is more focused on making sure that bruised ligament in his knee is completely healthy for Saturday's Top 5 showdown with the Seminoles.

After practicing only on Wednesday of last week, Blanks was going to play in only an emergency situation against Boston College. Well, an emergency happened. And Blanks was forced into action.

"I felt pretty good for only practicing once, not getting as many reps during the week. I had to take a lot of mental reps, but I felt like I played pretty well," he said. "I graded out good on film. Just coming off my knee being injured, I felt pretty good out there."

It wasn't easy getting to that point. The last thing Blanks wanted to do was miss practice.

"I hated it. It killed me all week," he said. "It killed me to sit out during the game. It killed me to sit out during practice."

Blanks expects to practice everyday this week.

"I'm full-go. I'm ready to go full-speed this week," he said. Top Stories