The latest on Williams

Andrew Williams is focusing on Eagles Landing Christian's undefeated season but he also knows that signing day is just around the corner.

"Yes, it is creeping up on me," Andrew Williams said about signing day. "It is starting to get closer and closer but right now I am just trying to help us win a state championship before I leave here."

The field of potential candidates is down to five for the 4-Star defensive lineman.

"My top schools are Auburn, Ole Miss, Clemson, South Carolina, and Notre Dame."

All five schools have similar qualities.

"Ole Miss stands out just like the other schools because they have been loyal to me throughout the recruiting process. I love their coaches too. I have a good relationship with coach (Chris) Kiffin. They have been honest with me throughout the process, and they have a great defensive scheme. I also liked the environment down there while I visited. They also have a really good business marketing program."

"Auburn, likewise, they just have stayed true to me during my recruitment. They have been honest and have not done anything sketchy. I also like their scheme, and they have had a huge turnaround. Both Ole Miss and Auburn have really shown me a lot this year. I like where both of those programs are headed. That has caught my eye as well."

"Clemson, likewise, has been loyal to me. They have recruited me the whole time since I have been in high school. I like the environment and education system they have in place as well. They have a good mix going on there. They are definitely one of my top schools."

"South Carolina gives me a good opportunity to play early with Downey leaving. They have a few more ends leaving too. Their coaches are really great at South Carolina. They provide a top education like all of my five finalist."

When it does come to making a decision the 6' 4", 250-pounder will look at the big picture.

"I want to get a great education in Business Marketing, first and foremost. I want to be provided opportunities to life after football. Football is just short term. I have to look at my future. I want to see how many of the graduates in Business Marketing make it out in the real world. That is what I am focusing in on."

Andrew will skip the national all-star games to focus on finishing out his senior season and finding a home for the next level.

"Army asked me to play in the game, but I have decided to not play in a national all-star game. I want to stay focused on my books after my season is over and focus on finding the right school for me. I have not set up my official visits but I will be taking them after my season is over. It is just too much going on to go out there to San Antonio for a week."

Eagles Landing hosts senior night tomorrow.

"We are 8-0 and want to finish the season out undefeated. Coach (Chris) Kiffin (from Ole Miss) is going to be there for senior night. It is going to be a special game for me and the rest of the seniors. I think this group of seniors have taken over a great leadership role for the younger players. We have a very good team chemistry going on right now. We are just trying to take it one game at a time, but we definitely don't want to get our first loss on senior night."

There have been several improvements Williams has seen in his game.

"I am more technically sound. I am keeping it funneled to the mainstream. My pass rushing has gotten better. I feel like I am quicker this year. I am just trying to do my job." Top Stories