Monday Dabo teleconference

Just because Clemson doesn't have an opponent on the schedule this Saturday it doesn't necessarily mean this is an off weekend for the Tigers.

With Georgia Tech coming into town next Thursday night, Dabo Swinney and company will treat the upcoming weekend like the start of a regular practice week.

"We'll have a normal game week starting Saturday morning. Saturday will be like a Monday for us and Sunday a Tuesday, and so on," Swinney said. "From a practice schedule standpoint, we'll tweak a couple of things, just to try to get them ready."

They've already been through this once before this season. Coming off the S.C. State game, Clemson had an extra few days to get ready for the Thursday night trip to N.C. State.

"We will treat it a little differently. Our schedule will be the same," Swinney said. "But, as far as how we work, it will be a little bit different, just because we have a lot of guys beat up right now, and we've got to get them fresh."

The team will have meetings and dinner on Monday night. Practice will be held on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. A team community service project is scheduled for Friday.

"I know everybody thinks it's an open date on the schedule, but it's really a work weekend for us because it's a Thursday night game," Swinney said. "But we'll be smart with how we prepare our guys."

There's not a whole lot that's different about preparing for Georgia Tech, at least on the offensive side of the ball. The Yellow Jackets are fifth in the country with 311.2 yards per game.

David Sims leads the team with 610 yards and nine touchdowns. Robert Godhigh has 473 yards and three scores. Zach Laskey has picked up 427 yards and six scores. Quarterback Vad Lee is fourth on the team with 394 yards and tied for second with six touchdowns.

"They do what they do. Just kind of getting going into Georgia Tech and really studying them, but I have seen them on tape. I saw them a good bit last week in getting ready for Virginia, because they just played them," Swinney said. "But they do what they do, not a whole lot different. Obviously, they've got some different things, defensively, with Ted Rood there.

"They're playing solid football. Always, always, always a tough task to beat these guys."

But it's always nice to get a few extra days to prepare for that triple-option attack.

"It helps a lot, because it's so different from anything else," Swinney said. "Normally, when you sit down and start game planning, you have your base system of what you do. You start studying tape and you immediately start pulling up those things -- well, this looks good, this looks good -- things that you've done all year that you can apply.

"But, when you're getting ready for the triple-option, that's a whole different deal, kind of forget everything you know, from a system standpoint. It's just a season of its own, it really is.

"We say that all the time, every game is a season of its own. This one right here, it truly is, because you don't have much carryover in how you play and defend these guys, as opposed to most everybody you play," Swinney said. Top Stories