Wednesday with Dabo

CLEMSON - Among the topics discussed with Dabo Swinney after Wednesday's practice: the scout team QB, Tyshon Dye and the trademark.

Cornerback Marcus Edmond has worked as the scout team quarterback for the Georgia Tech game prep. Though Edmond has taken snaps since he was the quarterback at Lower Richland High School, he's operating Georgia Tech's triple-option offense during practice.

"He's not a very good thrower. That's why he's a cornerback not a quarterback," Swinney said. "But he's doing a good job of giving us a good look."

Vic Beasley is among the players that have served as scout team quarterback during the Georgia Tech game week.

"A couple of years ago when he wasn't getting a lot of reps, we used him as a running back some. We used him as a quarterback for this particular game," Swinney said. "I used to think, ‘Man, this guy is something special. If we can ever get him a home, he's going to be a good player.'"

The load for Tye Dye

A four-star running back recruit out of Georgia, Dye was on track to play during his first season at Clemson. But a back injury sidelined him during preseason camp. Not long after that, a surgical procedure put an end any chances of him playing in 2013.

"He's rehabbing," Swinney said. "He had the back surgery. He had the disc they had to clean up. That went great, feels really good. He also had a little ligament thing on his ankle that he's just been playing with for a long time. We just cleaned that up, to get that out of the way while he's rehabbing.

"But he's doing great. He's a phenomenal young man. Hate he got hurt this year, because I think he would have been a special player this year. That's the cards you're dealt. We've got him for four more years."

They're in no rush to get him back onto the practice field.

"I hope by the time bowl practice comes around he's doing a little bit more. He won't be cutting it loose in bowl practice," Swinney said. "He'll be ready for spring ball."

The trademark

A story in USA Today listed Swinney as the latest example of a college coach trade-marking his name.

"That was actually one of the things my agent did back when I first got hired, actually when we first started the foundation, when we trademarked the All-In Team Foundation," Swinney said. "I guess my name is when they did all that stuff. That's been about four or five years ago."

He added, "That was one of those things when I got this job, my agent and lawyer, that's just one of the things they did when they were getting all the paperwork for our foundation. They trademarked my name, but I don't really know what that means, to be honest with you." Top Stories