The latest on C.J. Fuller

Though the final season of C.J. Fuller's prep career hasn't worked out exactly as he'd hoped, the three-star prospect hopes to grow from the experience.

RB C.J. Fuller Profile

With Friday night's 24-7 win over J.L. Mann, Easley finished the regular season with a 5-6 record.

"It's been difficult all year. I've sprained my ankle two or three times…everyone is just new to the offense, so it's been a rebuilding year," Fuller said.

When asked if he was frustrated by the season, he responded, ""Somewhat, because I've never really been hurt to where I had to leave the game, but my ankle, the first time I just tried to keep playing through it.

"It just got worse and worse…it's been frustrating, because I'm not used to anything like this. It's been an eye opening experience. I'm learning from it."

So, what exactly can he learn?

"I've just got to keep my body healthy and do the little things to keep my body healthy. And just be patient. Just be patient and wait. Everything is going to come to me."

The future Clemson running back has been to every one of the Tigers' home games this season.

"I'm very proud of them," he said. "They're doing pretty good. I'm excited to come into Clemson. And I believe we have a lot of great things coming in the future."

As for what his future in Tigertown holds, Fuller hasn't set any specific goals.

"I'm just planning to go in and work hard. That's about it," he said. Top Stories