The right stuff

CLEMSON - Tajh Boyd has always liked throwing the ball to Sammy Watkins.

But, heading into this season, Boyd wanted to get more in sync with the All-American pass catcher. The aim was to match the on-field relationship and DeAndre Hopkins shared last season.

Boyd thinks they've made serious progress.

"It's come along really strong, especially as of late," Boyd said. "It's been good. It's been big for us, kind of just getting a feel for him, being able to talk ball with him [and] him being able to understand what I'm seeing."

The numbers speak to that. In each of the last four games, Watkins has caught 7, 8, 14 and 8 passes.

For the season, he has 66 receptions. Watkins has already surpassed last year's total of 57. And he's approaching the 82 he had as a freshman in 2011.

"I think that's a really good thing for everybody," Boyd said. "I think guys are starting to see what I see out there. I think that's the biggest thing as we hit this stretch, trying to play your best ball. We've just got to continue to keep on improving."

The deep ball

Chad Morris once said that Boyd throws one of the best deep balls that he's ever seen. That's ideal for Morris, who likes to dial up around two or three deep calls per quarter.

It certainly helps that Boyd has a couple of options when in the vertical passing game, including Watkins and Martavis Bryant.

"When you throw a football, obviously you can't really tell where it's going, but you've got a feeling. With Tay and those guys, you feel like it's always going to drop right on the money," Boyd said.

When you've got guys with world-class speed out on perimeter, sometimes all you've got to do is grip it and rip it.

"With these guys, you've kind of just got to throw it all out there. They'll go get it," Boyd said.

He added, "The biggest thing for me is not trying to under-throw these guys."

No regrets

Boyd came back for his final season of eligibility to pick up a couple of pieces of hardware. Though Boyd's quest to hoist the stiff arm trophy and/or the crystal football seems to be over, he's not thinking what if.

What if I had just turned pro instead of coming back?

"There are ups and downs. There have been more ups than downs this season. I don't regret my decision at all," Boyd said. "I think it was the best decision."

Sure, the loss to Florida State and everything that ensued wasn't fun for the fifth-year senior quarterback. Two games later, Boyd feels like things are back on track, especially after his 377-yard, three touchdown performance against Virginia.

"Days like that make you realize how important, how special it was to come back," Boyd said. Top Stories