Seasoned veteran

CLEMSON - Quandon Christian has played a lot of snaps against Georgia Tech. And, when we say a lot, we mean more than any of his teammates.

In 2010, Christian logged 54 snaps. He played 62 in 2011 and 52 more last season.

As the SAM linebacker, Christian comes off the field when opponents trot out three or more wide receivers. That won't happen much on Thursday, if at all.

"I should play the whole game this week," Quandon Christian said.

Georgia Tech makes no bones about what they're going to do, and it almost always includes three running backs, a quarterback and a pair of wide receivers.

"They have an answer for everything with their offense, so you've got to mix up the stuff," Christian said.

But, when Paul Johnson changes up how they're going to do it, that's when things can get interesting for opposing defenses. Johnson isn't afraid to adjust on the fly.

"They definitely change the way they run things during the game," Christian said.

Clemson is 2-1 against Georgia Tech Christian's redshirt freshman season. During that span, he has 16 tackles and a tackle for loss against the Yellow Jackets.

The loss, 31-17 result in Atlanta back in 2011, was a forgettable night for Christian, who admitted that it was the worst game of his career.

"I took my eyes off my assignment a couple of times," Christian said. "I didn't make plays."

Assignments are the name of the game against the triple-option.

"It's pretty tough, but you've got to know your assignment," Christian said. "It's all about assignment football, so everybody knows their assignment and sticks to it."

Easier said than done.

"They lull you to slip then they hit the big play on you when you take your eyes off of your assignment," Christian said.

That's when the frustration sets in.

"It's kind of a funky scheme," Christian said. "Our scout team is doing pretty good at giving us good looks at it. It's been a tough week for them and us." Top Stories