Clemson goes into lock-down mode

CLEMSON - Delaware State went more than eight minutes between made field goals in Clemson's 58-37 win at Littlejohn Coliseum on Wednesday night.

Jason Owens cut the Clemson lead to 46-31 with 8:42 left to play after nailing an elbow jumper. Twelve missed field goals later, DeAndre Haywood ended the field goalless drought with 24.2 seconds left on the clock.

Delaware State shot 38 percent from the field in the first half and 17 percent in the second. Their 14 second half points was the lowest scoring output by an opponent during the Brad Brownell era.

K.J. McDaniels played a big part in Clemson's defensive work with five blocked shots.

"We just have to stay mature and go out there and do that every game, even get the [shooting percentage] lower," he said. "We have to go out there with that mentality…just go out there and fight."

Brownell said they executed their defensive game plan "perfectly."

"Our defensive game plan coming in was to limit the 3s for [Casey] Walker and [Tyshawn] Bell," he said.

Walker and Bell went a combined 1 for 7 from deep. As a team, the Hornets went 1 for 13.

"It's really how Delaware State scores. That's their number one option," Brownell said.

For Clemson, "that was game plan number one, defensively."

As for the rest of the defensive game plan, Brownell expounded.

"Controlling the dribble was number two. We had a couple of spurts where we didn't do that well," he said. "But, all in all, really good execution of the defensive game plan, so I was really proud of that."

Damarcus Harrison scores 15

"I know what I'm capable of, so I just know I've got to bring it everyday, so I just come out with the same mindset to just play hard. Coach helped me with that, to bring your motor every time you step on the floor, and be ready. That's all I think about, being game ready before the games." - Harrison

"I think he's seen a couple of balls go in. That's the big thing. When you see a couple of balls go in, I think it just gives you more confidence. He's starting to work where he's doing good things off of one and two bounces." - Brownell

"He's one of our scorers. We need him out there to score and shoot the ball with confidence. He's also one of our older guys, so we look to him for a lot of things." - McDaniels

Delaware State slows down the pace

"Offensively, a little bit hard to play against them, from the standpoint of they start a possession in zone. Two passes, they're in man. Start a possession in man, three passes they go to zone. It's just, you've kind of got to go make plays. You give them a couple of simple concepts to go play. Then, it's on your guys to go finish." - Brownell

"It was kind of frustrating, because they slowed it down so much. We still got to run when we wanted to, when they missed shots. We just tried to push in transition." - Harrison

"They were shortening the game. They did it against [Georgia] Tech, probably a good strategy, but you could, basically, rest for 15 seconds every time you were on defense." - Brownell Top Stories