10 questions with Brandon Thomas

CLEMSON - All-ACC tackle Brandon Thomas talks about the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets.

How does this Georgia Tech defense look different than last year under this new defensive coordinator?
THOMAS: Well we are seeing a lot of even on the film this year. Last year, they played just straight odd. That is mainly the difference, the front is different. They have good players, they move 45 down to play defensive end sometimes. Sometimes, they stand him up but that is mainly the difference.

Is this one of the best pass-rushing teams you have faced this season?
THOMAS: They seem pretty good. They have 93 and 45, those are the two guys we are looking at right now coming off the edge. They seem pretty good.

Do they stay in that base or do they blitz a lot?
THOMAS: They blitz half the time, I can say that. They do not usually come in the middle, they come off the outsides cause that is where there are good rushing guards. Not taking away from the guys in the middle, they are pretty good too but the better rush is on the edge.

So this will be a Brandon Thomas type of game out on the edge. When you have an opportunity like this, does it get you hyped a little more knowing that it is going to be on you all game to really protect Tajh?
THOMAS: Well, Georgia has some great players. 45 is pretty good so like I always say, I like a challenge going into a game. He will be a good challenge for me so I look forward to playing him.

Now that Florida State has clenched the division, how do you guys approach the rest of the season especially this last conference game?
THOMAS: Well, every game is big. We are just trying to finish strong. We felt in past seasons, we did not play to our potential during the games. So, we are just trying to finish strong, finish the season strong and be the best we can be.

Does that BCS at-large berth kind of stick in your head?
THOMAS: It does, we see it. We see it out there. We, of course, try to play for it but we are just trying to take it game by game.

It has got to be weird playing in Death Valley on a Thursday night, this is the first time this has happened in your career.
THOMAS: Yea, I'm pretty excited about it. Everybody around me, and the environment is pretty exciting. It should be fun.

How important is it for this offense to be clicking at its best level all year long heading into these final three games?
THOMAS: It is a big part of our game, it is a big part of our team. If we can get in a situation when we can just keep running plays, and be out there getting first downs, and stay on the field, I think that will help us after the season going into the bowl game.

That last drive in that first half against Virginia, is that one of those drives where you look at it and say, "Ok this is where we finally turned things around as an offense?"
THOMAS: Yea, I mean that drive was Clemson Football. That is how our offense is supposed to play. We look to that drive as that is what we should be all the time and that is what we're working toward.

What do you feel like has helped you take your game to another level this year?
THOMAS: I would not say it is focused thinking because I have been focused. I think it is just that it is my time now, it is all or nothing baby.

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