Typical Tajh move

CLEMSON - Someone probably should have reminded Dabo Swinney that Tajh Boyd played his final season of high school ball with a torn ACL.

Because some players just need to be protected from themselves -- the ACC's all-time leader in touchdown passes is one of those guys.

So it's no wonder Boyd, with a reckless abandon, threw his body into a host of Citadel defenders as Clemson clung to its 42-3 lead, late in the third quarter.

"I didn't really appreciate that," Swinney said. "I told him that would be his last drive."

That wasn't the only thing Swinney said to Boyd before he stepped onto the field with just over seven minutes left in the third period.

"I told him, don't let anybody hit you, don't run the ball. And what does he do? Not only does he run it, but he tries to run over about theww of them. But that's Tajh Boyd. That's just kind of his mentality.

"I really wish he hadn't of done that. But he hopped up and was ready to go."

Boyd immediately regretted the decision.

"Should have slid on that one," he said.

The thought of picking up the first-down was too appealing.

"I looked and thought I had some avenues to run. Ultimately, I just tried to plow over the dudes," Boyd said. "It wasn't a smart decision."

The hit certainly smarted. That was a running theme for Boyd when playing against FCS teams in 2013.

"I think the hardest two hits I've taken this season have come from FCS opponents. That hit, the South Carolina State hit that knocked me out of the game, those are some of the hardest hits I've taken all season."

Fortunately, for all things orange, it won't cost Boyd a shot at playing next week against South Carolina.

"He had done such a great job in the first half, we wanted to get him a couple of series in the second half, call a timeout and get him out of there," said Chad Morris. "That was the whole purpose in doing that. It was good to get him out."

Before walking off the field in Memorial Stadium one last time, Boyd jogged out to midfield saluted the crowd and took a bow.

"It was kind of one of those deals where I was coming off and I was like, might as well," he said. "Very appreciative of the fans, they've been supportive throughout my time here, just been a joy to be around them. It just feels good to be appreciated as well.

"It was a very special day for us. Glad we could get the win."

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