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CLEMSON - Chad Morris doesn't spend too much time dwelling on his star quarterback's previous outings against South Carolina.

Those games are rarely even a topic of conversation between Morris and Tajh Boyd.

"Heck, if I went in the meetings and approached Tajh [and] told him that everyday, that's just not what you do. As a coach, that's not what we're going to do," Morris said.

But the results against the Gamecocks haven't been good. And that's not to say Boyd is solely responsible for the 34-13 loss in 2011 and the 27-13 defeat in 2012, because he's not.

With Boyd starting at quarterback, Clemson is 0-2 against their rivals from Columbia. During those two games, he's completed 22 of 53 passes for 266 yards with two touchdowns and three interceptions.

In his first appearance against South Carolina, which was second half relief duty for Kyle Parker in the 2011 game, Boyd went 10 of 18 with 73 yards throwing.

"You don't have to remind Tajh Boyd, I can promise you that," Morris said. "You don't have to remind Tajh Boyd of the importance of this game."

Numbers against South Carolina be damned, Morris is of the opinion that Boyd's legacy at Clemson is already a strong one. Win or lose in Columbia on Saturday, Morris doesn't think it will change Boyd's importance to the run of success Clemson has had in the three years with him as the starter.

"He's done a lot for this university, this program and this conference," Morris said. "And this is just going to be another game where he's going to be able to step up and continue to leave his legacy on this program. So, he'll be ready. He's excited."

On the South Carolina secondary
"They're a single-high football team. That's what they want to be in. They want to try to figure out a way to get the extra hat in the box. They didn't do anything different last year against Nuk Hopkins. They're not going to do anything different this year against Sammy Watkins. The challenges he's going to have are the same challenges he has every week -- play hard, play fast, play well without the ball. When the ball is in the air, go make a play. But that's every one of our receivers."

On the South Carolina linebackers and safeties
"They're extremely young. I think they only have five seniors…they're extremely young on defense, as far as the linebackers and on the back end. Those guys have been like all young guys early on in the year. They've made mistakes, but as the year's gone, they've gotten better."

On the play by the OL
Brandon Thomas has to play well. Let me tell you, these other guys over here on the other side, they've got to play well, too, because there are some good guys up front as well. That's what they're trying to do, and they've had a lot of success with it. They're talented up front, and they're going to take advantage of how you're going to approach how to defend Clowney."

On Jay Jay McCullough
"We've worked Jay Jay McCullough, he's been working some at running back the last three weeks, just to try to get him into a game-mode of just to see and come on. Especially, with a young guy like that, the first thing you worry about is ball security. It's all great when you're not getting hit full-speed out here many times. But he did a good job, so we'll see how that goes." Top Stories