Thankful on Thanksgiving

It's Thanksgiving and I sure am thankful for a whole heap of stuff.

*Black Friday, pssh. I buy gifts on the Internet, because, well, I'm thankful for the Worldwide Web. It's my way of giving back to the place that keeps a roof over my head, gas in the car and my bills paid.

*The prospective student-athletes who return my phone calls and respond to my text messages. And even those who don't.

*The meal that I'm about to devour over here at my folks' house. Don't know what I'm more thankful for, the meal itself, or the fact that all I have to do is eat it.

*Rivalry games, especially the on we'll all watch on Saturday.

 *Seeing Sammy Watkins play in person. Those days have to be numbered, right? At least I'll have a chance to add him to the Crabs and VD fantasy football franchise next year. Then, again, he'll be tough to snag since half the guys I'm competing with on the faux gridiron are Clemson fans.

*Jim Harbaugh. Who's got it better than us?

*Ron Cherry, for treating us to this little gem. Thanks, Ron.

*Football on Thanksgiving, because we should be treated to Calvin Johnson on days other than Sunday.

*The folks at Clemson -- coaches, players, staff and anyone else who's forced to put up with my nonsense on a daily basis.

*Cobb County, in the state of Georgia. 

*My friends, particularly those who ask me for tickets to Clemson games. Because, after all, if you cover the team, they're supposed to give you free tickets, right?

*YouTube, for providing me with Phish concerts as the soundtrack to the Final Breakdown.

*That time my sister and I found all of our Christmas presents and realized that something was up with that Santa Claus fella.

*K.J. McDaniels' dunks.  Stuff like this never gets old. -- MASH HERE.

*HBO TV shows.

*Roy Philpack, because he gives me money to go watch football and basketball games. Pretty sweet deal, huh?

*The ladies and gents on the CUTigers premium board who read, criticize and make fun of me, especially Delk.

*And, of course, my family…mom, dad, sister, grandma, aunts, uncles and cousins.

Peace, love and tryptophan.

See ya in Columbia. Top Stories