Shuey's take on USC

CLEMSON - CUTigers caught up with senior weak-side linebacker Spencer Shuey earlier this week to discuss Saturday's game against South Carolina.

Their running backs, specifically Mike Davis, what are your thoughts and impressions on those guys?
Shuey: I feel their whole offense has incredibly great players. Their backs are definitely some of them. They run hard and definitely don't take any plays off, have great vision and are able to cut back. It's going to take assignment football. Guys are going to have to stay disciplined, because they can make plays out of nothing. It's everyone to the ball and team tackling.

Are Davis, Shon Carson or any of those guys remind you of anyone you've faced this year or last year?
Shuey: Not really anyone in particular, but they definitely have their own style and are some of the better backs that we've faced this year.

How about their tight ends? Are they as good a group as you've seen this year?
Shuey: Yeah, they're definitely as good as what we've seen this year. They use them a good bit in the passing game and they're big bodied, blocking tight ends. They create a dual-threat.

What's your opinion on what the issues are playing these guys the last couple of years?
Shuey: We just haven't showed up on game day and played our Clemson football. They showed up and out-performed us, out-executed us, kind of had way too many mental errors. We watched the tape [Monday] of the game last year. It's just stuff that we can control and guys just not doing their jobs. It's definitely something that we're going to focus on big-time this year.

This game is life and death for fans. Do players have that same stance? Or is it just another game for you guys?
Shuey: It's definitely a big game. It's one that we take personal every year. It means a lot to this university and a lot of people in South Carolina. It's a big rivalry game for us. We put a little more into it, from that point of view.

Being from Charlotte, did you have a good sense of the rivalry before you got to Clemson?
Shuey: I'd heard of it before I got to Clemson, but it didn't really hit home until I got here, kind of realized the importance of that game and what it means to so many people, so it's definitely means a lot more to me now, now that I'm a part of it.

Was there anything specifically that brought you to that? Or has it just happened over time?
Shuey: Not one thing specific. Just throughout being here, hearing how people talk about it and what it means to the players, coach and guys that are from this state that have been part of it their who lives, just hearing from all the different people, I definitely understand it now.

Your senior class has accomplished all kinds of stuff that's never happened in the history of the program. Do you agree that this is the one thing that's missing from everything you guys have accomplished?
Shuey: Yeah, definitely. We've got a great senior class and have been able to accomplish a lot of things that haven't been done at Clemson in an extremely long time. But this is one of those things on the bucket list that we've yet to cross off. It would be incredible for all of us, to be the cherry on top to check this one off before we head out of here. Top Stories