Six times the frustration

COLUMBIA - Chad Morris wants to run between 85 and 90 plays a game. That number is almost impossible to reach when six turnovers are part of the equation.

Clemson ran 57 plays from scrimmage against South Carolina on Saturday night. They gained 352 total yards [225 passing, 127 rushing].

Of the Tigers' six turnovers, four were committed in the fourth quarter. Tajh Boyd was responsible for three of those turnovers in the final period [two interceptions and a fumble]. Adam Humphries, who muffed a punt in the first quarter, fumbled during a return in the fourth.

"It's hard to turn the football over and beat a team of this caliber, any caliber," Morris said. "It would have been hard to beat a middle school team.

"It's hard to beat anybody [with] six turnovers."

Similar to Sammy Watkins' first quarter interception, Boyd's fumble was inside South Carolina territory. Morris thinks the fumble may have been the most costly of the six.

"That's deflating. That hurts," Morris said. "You had exactly what you wanted right there. He was fighting for extra yards. He was trying to get down.

"They've done it all year long. They've done a good job of stripping the ball all year long, and they just took it from him. We couldn't get down. That just kind of started the momentum swing, and then we started at that point, I felt like we kind of pressed at the end."

On the lack of the downfield passing game: "Early in the game, we were able to get it. They started going into some two safety look, which was allowing us to run the football. We knew that coming out in the second half, we felt like they were going to play in a two-shell look behind us, and we were needing to run Tajh a little bit more. That's what we did in the second half, and we were having success running the ball."

Morris touched on a few other topics from Saturday night's game.

On the effort: "Our guys didn't quit. They didn't give up, OK. Proud of them, I'm proud of their effort. Yeah, it stinks. But, you know what? You have to move on. You've got to deal with it. You've got to hurt. It's going to hurt."

On Roderick McDowell's play: "I thought Hot Rod played as well as I've ever seen him play. He was a man on a mission. Ran the ball extremely well, caught the ball out of the backfield well. Very focused, very determined, that was something really good to see from him, proud of him."

On the line: "I thought the offensive line protected extremely well. I thought they played hard. I thought they played physical. I thought they did exactly what they wanted him to do. They protected him and they allowed us to run the football. I felt like we were going to have to run the football, to come in here and be successful, and we were able to run the football. That was good. I thought they played well." Top Stories