Nnoko notches second double-double

CLEMSON - Brad Brownell wants Landry Nnoko to harness the mean-streak he discovered on Tuesday night against S.C. State.

Nnoko notched the second double-double of his career, scoring 13 points and pulling down 13 rebounds. The majority of that production came in the second half of the Tigers' 65-49 win.

"There are going to be games where he plays like this and there is going to be confidence. There are going to be games when he doubts himself a little bit," Brownell said. "I had to get after him in the middle of the game, to light a fire and ask him if he was going to make any tough plays.

"You've got to get an offensive rebound at some point. He finally did and scored. That woke up him, got him excited and he played better."

The challenge lit a little fire in Nnoko's belly.

"I just got a little pissed off in the second half, because coach just kind of got on my back," he said.

That was the plan.

"With Landry Nnoko, he's got to get nastier. He's got to get meaner. He's got to go do tougher things sometimes," Brownell said. "Go get a rebound and just go make a put-back."

Sometimes, for the Clemson bigs, the K.I.S.S. formula works just fine: keep it simple stupid.

"Put a guy on your back, we're going to throw you the ball, figure out a way to score or get fouled, duck in, just be powerful, [and] be physical," Brownell said. "We're not over coaching it. We're simplifying it. We're running it right down their throat, and that's what you've got to do."

And that's what Nnoko did in the second half.

"[Brownell] just wants me to keep improving. Sometimes, I don't play to my abilities. I play kind of soft…kind of just cruise around. He just wants me to keep playing, keep improving," Nnoko said.

The slow start

"We showed a little immaturity. We weren't quite as focused, defensively. We made a ton of errors at the beginning of the game, defensively. We haven't done much of that, and they capitalized on that." - Brownell

"Just having different guys, we have so many guys that can make plays. Coach let us know, all the starters, if you're not playing, not ready to play, get ready to be out. We have a lot of depth, so next guy up." - Nnoko

"In the second half, we defended like we were supposed to. We were playing much better, made less mistakes and caused them some problems. We kind of toughed our way through offensively." - Brownell

Coleman heats up

"I was just trying to be aggressive and bring energy. They switched up defenses a lot, played a lot of zone. It was kind of a funky game to get an offensive feel for, so I just wanted to try to be aggressive, take the opportunities that were there and made sure I tried to give my teammates energy." - Devin Coleman

"Devin Coleman shot the ball well in the first half and kept us in it a little bit." - Brownell

Slow going for McDaniels

"K.J., tonight, didn't make any tough plays. He was on the perimeter. Every time I bring him to the sideline, I'm like, ‘K.J., when are you going to drive the ball. Are you going to drive the ball? You're not playing to your strength.' He fell in love with his jump shot. They were in a zone, so he didn't feel like he could split things. It's a feeling out process, trying to figure that part out." - Brownell

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