Eyes on the BCS

No offense to the City of Atlanta and its New Year's Eve bowl game, but Dabo Swinney would prefer to be somewhere else at the end of this month.

Less than 24 hours after being handed a fifth-straight loss to South Carolina, Swinney couldn't help himself when asked what kind of a bowl he wanted to Clemson to attend.

Would he prefer a BCS invite or another trip to the Chick-fil-A Bowl?

"Are you serious? What kind of question is that? We absolutely want to be in the BCS," he said. "That's a no brainer. That's not even a question. That's -- you get an opportunity -- I think we're still one of the best teams in the country. That's a fact."

On the surface, there are several things for the Orange Bowl to like about Clemson. A 10-2 record and a fan base that travels -- two good enough reasons for the folks in Miami to invite the Tigers -- assuming Florida State wins the ACC Championship on Saturday.

But the folks down in Miami are probably hesitant to take Clemson for a couple of reasons.

1-That enthusiastic fan base is down after another loss to their rival.

2-The last visit to the Orange Bowl by Clemson.

Swinney thinks they're worthy of an invite to Miami, Pasadena or New Orleans.

"Absolutely, we want the very best postseason we can get," he said. "Listen, the Chick-fil-A Bowl is great. I have no problem with that. But you've got a chance to be in a BCS, which I think that we're one of the best teams in the country, and I think we should be in the BCS.

"We were in the top 10 for 14 weeks this year, which is a school record. Just out of the top 10 now. I think our losses have been to two really good teams. One of them is playing for the National Championship."

Swinney added, "I think that we're a team that's exciting to watch and a team that can play with anybody in the country. Absolutely, we'd love to be in the BCS."

On Wednesday, Dan Radakovich tweeted:

"Thank you Tiger fans #ClemsonOrange made a statement... Keep it going ! No matter the destination lets support our Tigers !!!"

Radakovich and the Clemson athletic department have encouraged Clemson fans to reach out to the Orange Bowl via e-mail and Twitter with the hashtag: ClemsonOrange, to express Clemson's interest in the Orange Bowl.

In just a few days, we'll find out if the feeling is mutual.

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