The orange push

Let's assume for just a second that Duke beats Florida State in the ACC Championship this Saturday night in Charlotte.

OK, now that we're back to reality, let's move forward.

Florida State will be invited to the BCS National Championship with a win over Duke this weekend. Since the Seminoles would then be playing in Pasadena for the National Championship. That much we know.

If that plays out as expected, the Orange Bowl would have to find an opponent for its at-large team, which is likely to be Alabama. Most BCS prognosticators have penciled in Clemson as the opponent for ‘Bama.

But that's not necessarily a guarantee. For starters, under the BCS format, the Orange Bowl is not obligated to invite another ACC team to replace Florida State.

Larry Wahl, VP of communications at the Orange Bowl, joined the Roy Philpott Show to give some clarity on what might transpire on Sunday night when the BCS games are announced.

"Our group really has tried to be as thorough as possible, because of that, they try to wait until all of the results Saturday," Wahl said. "Then, Sunday, wait for the rankings, which usually come out sometime -- we find out about them mid to late afternoon once the polls are done and the computers are done…and the commissioners get together and the bowl CEOs get together from the BCS and make the decisions.

"Then, it's sort of a trickle down to the other bowls once that happens."

In regards to picking up an invite to the Orange Bowl, working in Clemson's favor is the relationship with the Orange Bowl and the ACC.

"When our group gets together, they look at a lot of different things. They look at them in no particular order, and try not to prioritize…the relationship with the ACC and Orange Bowl will be a key consideration when we do consider who we're going to take," Wahl said.

When asked about the likelihood that Clemson would be selected to play in the Orange Bowl, Wahl couldn't go into detail.

"They're one of those schools that we're going to consider very highly," he said. "That's about all I can [say]."

The Clemson athletic department's social media campaign has been heard loud and clear.

"The Clemson folks have worked very hard," Wahl said. "I know, in getting some of that social media out, we've seen some of the results they had from their first day. Obviously, the fans have shown that they really want to come.

"Obviously, that's something that's important to us."

Wahl added, "It's gone to key members of our Orange Bowl committee. It's been disseminated throughout the committee and people are well-aware of Clemson's interest." Top Stories