Clemson target accumulating offers

Carl Tucker, a three-star safety at Hough High School in Cornelius, N.C., has picked up four more offers since Clemson came through with the first one.

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The Tigers offered during the May evaluation period. Since then, UNC, ECU, Tennessee and Penn State have joined the fray.

Tucker visited Clemson twice this season, for the Georgia and Florida State games. He also went to South Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee.

He has fond memories of the Clemson trips.

"Just how loud the fans were, how excited they were," Tucker told CUTigers. "Against Georgia, they were just excited to have football back. It was extremely loud, same for Florida State.

"It was just the atmosphere and walking towards the stadium, seeing all of those people in Clemson jerseys and Clemson pants, all the Clemson attire and apparel. It was pretty cool for me to see how much they're into football. It was a good thing to see."

Tucker camped at Clemson over the summer and visited the previous season for the N.C. State game. His trips to Clemson have left a favorable impression.

"I'd say top three would be, in no particular order, Tennessee, Chapel Hill and Clemson," Tucker said.

Several factors will be kept in mind as he works towards a final decision.

"Probably just the coaches, how I like the coaches, the football atmosphere and the campus," Tucker said.

Georgia Tech, Duke and ECU have offered Tucker as a wide receiver. Clemson likes him as a safety. Tennessee and UNC list Tucker as an athlete.

"I'd rather do wide receiver than defense, but I wouldn't mind playing defense at all," he said. "The only reason I'd prefer playing wide receiver is because I'm more comfortable at receiver. I didn't play defense this year, so that's the only reason. I'd play both ways. I could play defense or offense." Top Stories