Decisions on the horizon

CLEMSON - Sammy Watkins, Martavis Bryant and Vic Beasley will all wait until after the Orange Bowl before deciding whether to go pro or not.

All three have submitted paperwork to the NFL Draft Advisory Board.

Watkins has been one of the country's most productive wide receivers during his three-year Clemson career. A two-time All-American, he was a finalist for this season's Biletnikoff Award.

"I don't know what decision I'm going to make," he said. "All I can do is keep playing every game like it's my last. You never know when you'll get an injury. Me, all this year, I've been playing hard and giving my all. Because, last year, I got hurt in the last game, so you never know when it's your time.

"All I can do is keep playing hard and helping my team out, doing the things coach wants me to do."

Watkins will weigh out the pros and cons with those closest to him.

"It just depends. If I can come back and win the Heisman, it will depend if I can do that," Watkins said. "Really, I have to talk with my parents about it. It's a big decision. It's not a decision that you just make. You talk to your coaches and parents. That's what I'm going to do."

A first-round grade won't necessarily guarantee that Watkins will leave for the NFL.

"Planning, you've got to plan those types of things," he said. "I don't know where I'm going to go in the draft. Who knows? The only people that know are the GMs, the coaches and the scouts. I've just got to keep doing what I'm doing."

If Bryant receives a grade first, second or third-round grade from the draft board, he will forego his senior season. Any grade beyond that, he's back for 2014.

Bryant, who's caught 39 passes for 800 yards and five touchdowns, plans to consult with several Clemson coaches before he reaches a decision.

"They're behind me 100 percent. Whatever I decide to do, they're with me," he said.

But the T.L. Hanna product is happy to have options.

"It's pretty exciting," Bryant said. "But, at the same time, I have to stay focused on the season. I know we've still got one more game left and we're trying to win this one."

Beasley said he's "blessed" to have that same choice on the horizon.

"God has really looked out for me. I've just bought into the system that coach [Dabo] Swinney has put in at Clemson University," Beasley said. "And, coach [Marion] Hobby's training, coach [Brent] Venables' system, I just went from there." Top Stories