Changing up the schedule

MIAMI SHORES - While all of the specifics weren't revealed, there have been a few changes to the way Clemson is preparing for its second Orange Bowl in three years.

The team arrived to Miami on Sunday afternoon fresh, both mentally and physically.

Adam Humphries, who caught a pair of passes for 12 yards against West Virginia two years ago, feels thinks Dabo Swinney made the necessary adjustments to this round of Orange Bowl prep.

"Coach Swinney has done a great job of managing our practices," Humphries said. "A few years ago, I think he was saying that he wrote down in his notes that he may have overworked us a little bit.

"And, this year, I think we've done a perfect mixture of hard-work in practices and some light practices, so I think we're all fresh."

When asked again about the change in routine, Humphries said, "Just some mental notes [Swinney] had from two years ago.

"He thought maybe he over-worked us a little bit and kind of wore us down towards the end."

It's come as a sigh of relief to just about every player who was around the last time the Tigers took their talents to South Beach.

"Definitely, from a mental aspect, knowing we don't have 23 periods every day, PAW drill every day, stuff like that, it kind of helped us mentally," Humphries said. "And, physically, it definitely helped us, kind of staying off each other for a couple of days, kind of running around, bouncing around, getting mentally ready for it.

"I think it has been a positive reaction from the team, overall."

But that's not to suggest it would have necessarily changed the result of Clemson's previous visit to Sun Life Stadium.

"We say all the time, just the small details count the most," Humphries said. "When it comes down to it, if coach Swinney thinks we're over-practicing and that has a huge affect on how we play, but I think he did a great job of just getting all the details right this year, just getting us mentally ready."

Given drastic change in weather, one might go so far as to say that's a smart move to taper things back before the team's arrival to South Florida.

"It's crazy, stepping off the plane [Sunday] and just feeling the humidity down here," Humphries said. "Just coming from Clemson, we're practicing in sweatpants and long sleeves. We come here and I'm drenched in sweat and about to hop in that ice tub. It's a huge transition.

"But, like I was telling some guys earlier from the wide receiver group, muscles are looser, and a lot of guys on this team are from Florida. Overall, I think it will play in our favor." Top Stories