Hyatt loves everything about Clemson

POWDER SPRINGS, Ga. - Five-star Mitch Hyatt, the top-ranked offensive tackle in the class of 2015, is considered by many to be a lock to Clemson.

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Dan Benish, who played for the Tigers' 1981 National Championship team, is the North Gwinnett High School junior's uncle.

Over the years, Hyatt has been to "quite a few" Clemson games. The most recent of which was the Georgia game.

"That was interesting. It was a lot of fun, yeah," Hyatt told CUTigers, after the Elite Junior Classic at McEachern High School.

That experience was quite different than the others in Death Valley.

"I've never been to a game that big," he said. "It was packed and it was definitely fun to go to."

There are plenty of things about the Clemson program that interest Hyatt.

"I'd probably say, definitely what they expect out of their players. They expect the most out of them, which I enjoy," he said. "And how they -- everything about them I just love."

Clemson running backs coach Tony Elliott keeps in regular touch with Hyatt, particularly through Twitter.

"He DMs me, probably about every day," Hyatt said.

They've built a strong relationship.

"He's a great guy. He encourages me and I just love him. He's a good coach," Hyatt said.

This fall, Hyatt also took game day visits to Georgia and Auburn.

"I was trying to go to Ohio State, but I couldn't find time in my schedule," he said.

The Buckeyes could be the Tigers' top competition. Both of Hyatt's parents are from Ohio.

"My mom's side moved down here. My dad's side has one or two [still in Ohio]," he said.

While he's yet to set any plans to visit Columbus, Hyatt hopes to make a trip there.

"I just want to see how they interact with players and what they think of me," he said.

What other schools are high on his list?

"Probably Alabama and South Carolina, that's about it."

When asked… "I would probably just say how it feels and how at home it feels," Top Stories