An eye on the future

MIAMI SHORES - Quandon Christian knows what he wants to turn pro in after his football career comes to a close.

The 6-foot-2, 230-pound outside linebacker has a degree in Criminal Justice. If he doesn't get into coaching, he hopes to parlay that degree into a career in law enforcement. Yep, the four-year starter at SAM linebacker wants to be a cop.

His inspiration for potential career in that field?

"Man, when Bad Boys 2 came out."


"No, but that was a good movie. That's a great movie."

Christian has an eye on law enforcement for reasons a little bit more serious than a movie starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence.

"Wanting to get the crime off the streets," Christian said. "The crime rates in South Carolina are very high. Drug dealing, people go through drug dealing all the time. I'm from a bad area with drug dealing. I just want to try to cut that out."

Before he gets to that, Christian is going to make a run at the NFL.

"I'm going to fly back with the team. I think I'm going to go train in Atlanta with Chip Smith, that's the plan right now, find an agent I like and see what happens from there," Christian said. "Hopefully, I get a shot. If I don't, we'll see what happens."

Wednesday will be his final practice with the Clemson football team. Friday will be his last game in a Tiger uniform.

"It's been a longtime coming, pretty bittersweet," Christian said. "The relationships that I'm going to lose after that lost game, but the relationships I've gained through this whole time at Clemson, it's been an amazing experience for me.

"Just the opportunity that coach [Dabo] Swinney gave me, coming down to Lake View to recruit me -- no one knows where Lake View is. I tell people I'm from Lake View and they're like, ‘Where is that?' It was just a great opportunity for me to come play at Clemson University."

A three-star prospect back in 2009, ranked Christian as the No. 19 strong-side linebacker that year.

"I was a tall, 6-3 running back, like 195 pounds. I played a little bit of d-end, safety, I was the punter -- I was everything for my team," he said. "it was a good experience through my recruiting, had a couple of offers, but I turned them down after I committed to Clemson, so everybody really doesn't know how many offers I had, but I turned a lot down.

"When coach Swinney came by my school, they liked me, but I had to get my grades up to get qualified. I got qualified and that was awesome."

During his four-year career, Christian has started 30 of the 52 games he's played in, recording 146 tackles, 15 tackles for loss, three sacks and two interceptions. Top Stories