Recruit reaction

For the second year in a row, we've asked several of Clemson's top recruiting targets what they thought of the Tigers' bowl win.

Ty'Son Williams, 2015 RB "It was a great performance. Loved the way they played."

Octavis Johnson, 2015 CB
"They played great. Nice way to end the season for the seniors and the players who are going into the draft."

Mikell Lands-Davis, 2015 RB
"Really impressive, fast, explosive offense, and proves that Clemson is a top team in all of college football."

Delontae Moore, 2016 WR
"Yes, I watched the Orange Bowl. I thought Clemson did an awesome job on both sides of the ball. Also, I liked how the players never gave up when it was crunch time. And that game just made me more interested to go to Clemson."

Markeyvious Adams, 2015 WR
"I thought their performance was great."

Roquan Smith, 2015 LB
"Great game, very exciting, loved the way Clemson played."

J.K. Britt, 2015 CB
"I think Clemson and Ohio State both played really great. I was really impressed with Clemson's defense. The linebackers played great. It was an overall good team win, and Sammy Watkins is amazing."

Shadell Bell, 2015 WR commitment
"Great game, great fight, great all around team game from both teams. Clemson wanted it harder. Great coaching from Clemson, proud commit."

Deondre Francois, 2015 QB
"Great team performance."

Bryan Edwards, 2016 WR
"Clemson made some great stops and Sammy was great. Just a really good performance and great game to watch, nice way to end the season."

Chason Virgil, 2015 QB
"It was a great performance. They fought very hard. It was great."

Marcus Lewis, 2015 CB
"Great game, Sammy Watkins is a great player. He stepped up for them. The defense played pretty well. They stopped them when it counted and came up with the W."

Ryan Newsome, 2015 WR
"Clemson played well, always found a way to respond, despite being down through the game. Chad Morris put together a great game plan."

Sylvester Mayers, 2016 ATH
"I think Clemson had a really good performance and really proved a lot of people wrong with the victory. Definitely an eye opening game for any recruit and drew a lot of positive attention for the Tigers."

Kelly Bryant, 2015 QB
"Great game between both teams exciting to watch Clemson and OSU battle it out. Best game I've seen so far. Loved seeing Martavis [Bryant], Sammy [Watkins] and Boyd the way they did. Great win for the Tigers."

Tanner Muse, 2015 S commitment
"I thought it was a great team win throughout and they showed incredible heart throughout."

Noah Green, 2015 OT commitment
"I felt good about how they played, overcame a lot of adversity and played with a lot of heart, proud to be a Tiger."

Kaleb Chalmers, 2015 CB
"They played a great game."

Akilian Butler. 2015 WR
"It was a great game and they played through adversity and played together as a team."

Torrance Gibson, 2015 QB
"Clemson played great. Both teams were scoring points, but Clemson had the stronger offense and came out with the win."

Jackson Harris, 2015 TE
"It was a great win. They played well and beat a good team."

Deon Cain, 2015 WR
"I think they performed well on both sides of the ball and didn't give up."

Denzel Johnson, 2015 S
"It was a really good game. Clemson represented Death Valley."

Carl Tucker, 2015 S
"I thought they played perfectly. Tajh and Sammy had great games."

Divine Deablo, 2016 WR
"I thought Clemson was outstanding and I was really impressed with the screen plays and even though it was an incomplete pass, love the call for Sammy to Boyd. Although I'm an offensive player, the defensive players had one of the best games I have seen all season. Best of luck to Sammy and Boyd they are both great players." Top Stories