QUOTEBOARD: FSU 56 Clemson 41

CLEMSON - Points in the paint, points off turnovers, second chance points, fast-break points and points off the bench, take your pick.

Florida State beat Clemson in every category on Thursday night, 44-16, 25-5, 12-8, 16-4 and 33-9, respectively.

The Seminoles won the game, 56-41.

"When you play bigger, stronger, more athletic players at almost every position, it comes down to basketball execution," said Brad Brownell. "Your skill-level has to be high. Your IQ has to be high. The way you play together has to be good.

"Obviously, tonight, we couldn't execute. We just struggled. Our mainline players really didn't play very well."

K.J. McDaniels was the only player to reach double-digits in scoring for the Tigers.

"I feel like they're just much better, they communicated more than us. They communicated a lot more than us," he said. "We just have to learn from that and take from what they did, talk on defense."

Clemson committed 18 turnovers and had just nine assists. They shot 30 percent from the field and 26 percent from behind the 3-pointline.

"You've got to make some offensive plays to build your confidence and get your crowd behind you. We just never made any," Brownell said.

Brownell claimed responsibility for some of the struggles on the offensive end.

"We as coaches didn't do a good enough job helping them offensively," he said. "We tried [to] motion things to move more athletic guys and screen them. You either do that or you space them, and we tried that, basically don't move as much, just so you know where everybody is and have some space, then just make reads. That wasn't as good either."

The quick turnaround

"We've got a day. We're going to go home, see our families, go to sleep, get ready for tomorrow, come in practice and get ready for Duke on Saturday." - McDaniels

"Hopefully our guys will be resilient. We're not going to beat them down, but we're certainly going to point out mistakes and try to learn from it, move quickly into Duke and do the best we've can to get ready. We've got to have our energy level back up, because they're going to be coming in here needing a road win and ready to play." - Brownell

"I feel like it's just a learning experience for us. We just have to learn from it and bounce back from it, go out there next game, and we just have to bounce back and get ready for them later on in the season, get better." - McDaniels

From the FSU perspective

"We didn't think we would hold them to this good of field goal percentage…we played pretty good defense, but I don't think the shots were falling for them." - Leonard Hamilton

"I just think that you had two really good defensive teams playing against each other. We just had a few less turnovers." - Hamilton

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