QUOTEBOARD: Clemson 72 Duke 59

CLEMSON - Turnovers proved to be the Achilles' heel for Clemson in Thursday night's loss to Florida State.

Saturday's start against Duke had the same kind of feel. Just 4:40 into the 72-59 win over the Blue Devils, Clemson had already committed three turnovers.

"I think we started off with the turnovers because everybody was a little nervous, because it was a big game," said Rod Hall, who had one turnover against Duke.

"We just had to get going."

And they did, Clemson committed just seven more turnovers 35-plus minutes.

Hall was largely responsible for the Tigers' efficient play on the offensive end, finishing with 11 points and four assists.

"He made some really, really big plays," Brad Brownell said. "He just keeps you calm."

Most of Hall's work was done in the second half. In the first, Brownell thought Hall was a little too conservative.

"At halftime, we just said, ‘Hey, man, go make plays. You've got to see yourself as a scoring playmaker for our team and an aggressive guy.' I thought he really did," Brownell said. "In the second half, his drives to the basket really made a statement. When he starts doing that, the confidence permeates through our team."

Overall thoughts from Brownell

"This was certainly a great team win and I'm really proud of our players for showing a lot of resiliency, not only with the quick turnaround but also from halftime. I thought we played exceptionally well in the second half and gained confidence throughout the game on both sides."

"It was great to see Jaron [Blossomgame] play at his level with his capabilities. Rod and [Landry] Nnoko, along with Jaron, were huge. And K.J. [McDaniels] was the guy who really kept us in the game in the first half and gave us every opportunity to stay within striking distance. I think he was one of the guys who settled us down early and gave us the belief that we could win. Obviously as the game went along, I think we convinced ourselves that we could win."

Blossomgame's play

"All he has to do is watch K.J. in front of him. He's gone through a ton in the last 18 months and I'm really happy for him because I know how it's hard it's been. All that work and having to sit out and then having a second surgery after the first didn't go so well and that sets you back even further. I think we, as coaches, have been good being patient with him and it paid off today." - Brownell

"I made a couple of buckets early. After that, I was rolling. I felt I did a pretty good job on [Jabari] Parker, defending. Good defense turned into good offense." - Blossomgame

"Everybody knows what he can do. He shows it in practice. That's why he's in the starting lineup. He just had to show it [during the game]." - Nnoko

From Coach K

"Brad is a really good coach. His kids look like they're really together. They block shots. We got past them five or six times, where in normal games you would have been able to score, then all of a sudden McDaniels or Nnoko, they make good plays, which they have. That's one of the reason why they're such a good defensive team."

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