Clemson offer in hand, visit set

Not many were talking about Rashad Roundtree a week ago, but that has changed. On Friday the Peach State junior picked up not one, not two, not three, but four offers, and he is a prospect you will hear a lot more about...

Georgia got it going first on Friday right before Rashad Roundtree headed to lunch.

Within the next 90 minutes, Clemson and Ole Miss put their name in the hat with offers.

Before Roundtree and Evans (Ga.) Lakeside played a big basketball game that night, Michigan State offered as well.

Four offers in about a four to five hour period and that was the talk of Lakeside on Friday.

Duke was the very first school to offer the 6-foot-1, 195 pound junior, but the press for Roundtree really started over the weekend.

"It was an amazing day," Roundtree said when asked about Friday's whirlwind. "It was a very big day for me. I got four offers in one day, so it was pretty crazy."

It got going with a nice conversation with the UGA head coach Mark Richt.

"I was on the phone with Coach Richt and he talked about Georgia, their program, and then he offered me a scholarship. He told me I could be an asset to their program and it was great to hear.

"I was at Georgia for the South Carolina fans, Georgia is an in-state school, the UGA fans are everywhere, and it will always be in my top three. I really like Georgia."

Athens is the only college town Roundtree has spent time on to date, but he is set to visit Clemson on February 1.

He does not know a lot about any other school yet other than what he has picked up on watching T.V.

"I never really had a favorite college team, so I do not know anything about Ole Miss, Clemson, Michigan State, or Duke really.

"I know who the coaches are, who they play, and things like that, but I have not visited them, and I have not followed them."

Expect for Roundtree to receive many invites as schools start to schedule their Junior Days in the coming weeks/months.

Virginia Tech got Monday morning off to a good start with a Hokie offer and he will add more this week.

The future four-star safety is just taking it all in right now. He and his family are excited and he is looking forward to the recruiting process.

"It was hard to focus on school Friday," said Roundtree. "The offers were coming, people were talking about it, and it was crazy for me.

"My family is proud of me and now I just have to stay humble. I am going to take some visits and see what these schools are like.

"I want to play for a defensive-mined team, so I will look for that and other things when I am on the visits. It is going to be exciting." Roundtree is open to everyone at this time. He said he has always had a favorite NFL team, a favorite college basketball team, a favorite in the NBA, and all that, but that he has never had a favorite college team.

All that offer have a chance for this fast rising safety out of eastern Georgia right now.

He finished the 2013 season with 97 tackles and four interceptions. Top Stories