Glimpse of the future

What's the latest on Adam Choice's shoulder injury? How was his official visit to Clemson? And what does he expect for the future.

RB Adam Choice Profile

One of three running back commitments in Clemson's 2014 class, Choice rushed for over 5,000 yards as the quarterback for Thomas County Central High School in Georgia. He suffered a shoulder injury at the end of his senior season, and he decided to have surgery in November.

"I actually pulled my labrum and had a tear in my bicep. There was some more stuff going on in there, so we that's why I went ahead and did surgery," Choice said, during an interview with CUTigers on Sunday.

The three-star running back process is going through rehab right now.

"It's improving…I'm really wishing it was 100 percent, but I know it's not going to be like that right now. The doctors think it's doing fine," Choice said.

His goal is to be ready for all workouts and drills by the time he arrives to Clemson in the summer.

"That's what we're hoping for," Choice said.

When he gets to town, Choice will join a running back stable that will already include D.J. Howard, Zac Brooks, Tyshon Dye and Wayne Gallman. Two others, Jaelon Oglesby and C.J. Fuller are committed to join them.

Choice was asked what he'll bring to the table, he said, "Just another guy who likes to run the ball, a guy who can just try and help with the other backs, try and compliment what they do.

"Whatever my skill set is, just try and apply it the best way that I can."

Gallman served as Choice's host over the weekend. Friday was the first time they met.

"Wayne, he's a good person," Choice said. "I enjoyed spending time with him. He took me around. We talked about the process and what it's going to take. It seems like it's going to be fun with him. We kind of became good friends."

Fellow 2014 commitments Milan Richard, Korie Rogers, Kendall Joseph and Jefferie Gibson were around a lot, too.

All have been to Clemson several times over the last several months. Choice said there were a couple of small differences about this trip than the others.

"We just really sat down and talked more with the staff and all the guys. It was the same, but I'd never seen the basketball gym, so I guess that was one thing was different," he said.

Already firm with his decision to play football at Clemson, Choice was reassured of that over the last few days.

"Just the fact that this is a school, you're not just going to play football. You're going to get your education; you're going to build relationships," he said. "They are caring people and they want you to succeed in life, in more than just football." Top Stories