On the path to Clemson

Judah and J.D. Davis, the sons of former Clemson linebacker Jeff Davis, have graduated from Daniel High School and are on their way Clemson.

LB Judah Davis Profile

By this time next year, they'll be full-time Clemson students and scholarship linebackers on the football team. For now, they're freshmen at Tri-County Tech, living the greyshirt life.

In an interview with CUTigers earlier this week, Judah filled in a few of the details.

"Right now, we're taking Econ, Elementary Calculus and English 101," he said.

Their spare time includes work outs and "football-based drills." Barely a month into the greyshirt process, Judah is rather content with where things stand.

"It's great. It's different from high school, but right now, it's helping prepare us for when we go to Clemson and take classes there," he said.

Judah doesn't mind that he has to wait another 11 months before that day arrives. He's enjoying the process.

"It's actually really exciting, because we should be able to come in prepared and ahead mentally. Then, we'll just be chomping at the bit to actually get out there, physically," he said.

The Davis twins were among several official visitors at Clemson last weekend. Andrew Williams, Jalen Williams, Hunter Renfrow and former Daniel teammate Christian Groomes were all on campus.

"It was different," Judah said. "We got to spend a lot of 1-on-1 time with coach [Brent] Venables, which was great. We got to get to know some more of our future teammates like Jalen Williams, who also plays linebacker."

When asked about the time with Venables, Judah said, "Just the greyshirt and how it's going to allow us to develop a little bit before we come in.

"It will help us to have an easier transition."

As a senior, Davis had 70 tackles, nine tackles for loss and seven sacks.

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