Bump and run coverage

CLEMSON - Jeff Scott has been around the recruiting scene long enough to know when something needs to change.

His experience on the recruiting trail dates back to before he was even allowed to drive a car. As a kid, Scott was a regular on recruiting visits with his dad, Brad, who cut his teeth as an assistant at Florida State under Bobby Bowden.

Since coming on as a full-time assistant at Clemson in the fall of 2009, Scott has been blazing his own path on the recruiting trail. On Wednesday, he put the finishing touches on his fifth haul as the Tigers' recruiting coordinator.

When asked what law in the recruiting rulebook needed to change, Scott didn't hesitate. The "bump rule" is one that he feels is in need of some repair.

"I think it's the only rule in the rulebook, in my opinion, that's gray. When you go to a school and a prospect walks up to you that you can shake his hand and you can't talk to him. What some people may define as a bump is a five-minute conversation in the coach's office. What other define as a bump is literally bumping into them, shaking their hand and saying good luck.

"I think it puts a lot of people in difficult situations, because you're flying down to go to a school to see a young man and the coach of that young man is going to want that prospect to meet you. I just don't think it puts coaches in a good situation."

The rule, Scott thinks, isn't up with the times.

"I don't think the bump rule is keeping up with the recruiting calendar, where basically now you're recruiting juniors in December and January of their junior year," he said.

And Scott believes there is some movement for change.

"I'd say anytime, I don't know specifically what they're talking about, but some point, whether it's the spring or January of their junior year," he said. "But there are a lot of people smarter than me that are figuring that out."

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