Monday in Littlejohn

CLEMSON - Brad Brownell and K.J. McDaniels look ahead to Tuesday's trip to Wake Forest for their last league road game of the season.

***Towards the end of Brownell's session, he was asked about McDaniels has impacted Clemson's efforts on the recruiting trail. Brownell said it played apart in their signing of Donte Grantham.

***It doesn't stop with Grantham. The McDaniels pitch is one that Brownell and his staff will be using on the recruiting trail.

"There's no question that's something we talk about in our recruiting. It helps us," Brownell said.

***McDaniels, of course, makes a tremendous impact while on the floor for Brownell every night, and it's not just as a scorer.

"He affects winning for us," Brownell said.

***Ways to do that: Blocking a shot, getting a steal, forcing a turnover. Then there are the things on the offensive end, like the tip-back dunks...all of those highlight-type plays that we've seen McDaniels do for the last few seasons.

"It's not a coach doing anything. It's a player making plays," Brownell said. Top Stories