Path to the draft

CLEMSON - Tajh Boyd doesn't have anything to hide on the football field. That's why he's taking every opportunity to make himself available to the viewing public.

The Senior Bowl, Combine and made for TV all-star challenges were just the start. After Clemson's Pro Day on Thursday, Boyd will continue to grind his way through the period of preparation for the NFL Draft, which is still two months away.

"This process after [pro day]…it's a little crazy in itself," Body said. "Like Monday, I leave because I have to do SportsCenter. Thursday I have to do Gruden Camp. Friday, it's like a panel, then you've got the team workouts mixed in between that, so it's going to be a little crazy process until May, but I'm looking forward to it."

To help get ready for it all, Boyd has teamed up with former Maryland quarterback Ken Mastrole, who partners with Clemson graduate Tony Villani, a workout and speed training specialist in South Florida.

"He's been great to work with," Mastrole said of Boyd. "The guy's out there every day with the passion and intensity to go out and work hard, and want to be proven as one of the top guys. He's got a little bit of a chip on his shoulder and I like it."

Mastrole has experience in working with guys that bring that kind of approach to the draft process. His top pupil from last season was knocked by the same draft experts that don't exactly gush over Boyd.

"As far as the experts are concerned, you just kind of listen to it," Mastrole said. "It is what it is. Last year, had the opportunity to work with E.J. Manuel, heard all the same stories and things like that." Mastrole thinks Boyd has the goods.

"I mean, Tajh's arm talent -- it is NFL level," Mastrole said. "I think, just that, combined with being in the right system and getting an opportunity to go in there -- he's a great guy.

"He learns things quickly."

According to Boyd, several teams are interested, including the Cardinals, Vikings, Steelers, Saints and Chiefs.

"It's 12 or 13 teams that I actually think I have an opportunity to play for," Boyd said.

He's open to showcasing his talent for all 32 teams, despite what some critics might say about his game. The genesis of some of that talk, Boyd said, is the politicking that comes with the process.

"You've got guys in front offices that want to push particular guys, but when I say that I feel like I'm the best quarterback on the field, I told Teddy [Bridgewater] the same thing and all these other guys, it's for a reason," Boyd said, "Because I feel like the numbers don't lie in those situations."

That's been the message from several folks in the NFL.

"The feedback that I'm getting is way different from the feedback that's been put out there," Boyd said.

And that's why he was happy to step into the spotlight one more time at Clemson and will continue to do so while on the four-letter network in the coming week.

"Ultimately, I really don't have anything to hide," Boyd said. "I'm going to go out there and put my best foot forward. There's no reason for me not to go do anything. I feel like I'm going to go compete. I'm going to try to do the best of it. I don't have anything to hide, in that regard.

"I want the world to see what I can do." Top Stories