QUOTEBOARD: Clemson falls in OT

CLEMSON - With a five-point and 13 seconds left on the clock, Clemson looked like it was about to become a 20-win team.

Instead, the Tigers lost in overtime after giving up five points in the final 2.4 seconds of regulation. They'll head into the postseason at 19-11 [10-8 ACC].

Brad Brownell considered drawing up an inbound play that would send the ball deep down the floor. He opted to go in another direction.

"That's the next thought. We talked about, you throw it deep, there is still enough time, in my mind, with [2.4 seconds] that you can throw it somewhere down there near the free-throw line, maybe to the free-throw line, past half-court," Brownell said. "But if the ball gets caught by one of their guys, in 2.5 seconds, a guy can catch it, dribble in and get a 30-foot 3 to beat you.

"If it's under two seconds, a second and a half, we're probably going to look to throw it long, or at least have an option long. I just was -- I felt like we could get the ball in bounds. I guess we didn't."

Josh Newkirk's mid-range 2-pointer tied the game at the buzzer.

"Obviously, it was a lucky bounce. It went right to their guy and he made it," Brownell said.

He added, "In my opinion, you throw it somewhere over there and a guy can steal it, get two or three dribbles and a shot. I wasn't going to lose the game on that."

K.J McDaniels was asked if he thought the inbounds pass should have gone further down the court.

"I feel like we should have gone full-court," he said. "Two seconds left, we could have thrown it to one of our athletes and caught the ball. It was all right."

The word from the refs

"If they had ruled it no good, the game might have been over. I'm guessing. I haven't seen it, but I'm guessing. They said it was unbelievably close." - Brownell

"I knew it was a basket as soon as he shot it, because I was right under the goal. It was a tough shot to make. It was just good rhythm. He shot it with confidence and made it." - McDaniels

"They didn't explain it. They just said they were going to count the basket." - Brownell

"They said it was really close, but it was clear that it had left the hand. We were pretty sure it was a make." - Jamie Dixon

Deflated in OT

"Some guys were definitely angry. We had the game won. We're smarter than that. We just had to try to stay focused. Guys, for the most part, weren't focused coming into overtime" - Jaron Blossomgame

"I didn't like the look in our eyes. I actually hit my fist into a dry erase board, to try to wake our guys up because I didn't think we looked good. I could tell we were not in a good place." - Brownell

Dixon on Clemson

"I just thought the atmosphere and the crowd was terrific. What a beautiful arena, beautiful campus. I thought the fans were unbelievably energetic and polite at the same time. What a beautiful place."

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