Players react to QB battle

CLEMSON - Dabo Swinney and Chad Morris say everything will count when it comes time to figure out who's going to play quarterback. Well, most everything.

One thing that's for certain is this: players won't have much of say in who wins the job. That's what many of them have told reporters during the first five days of spring practice.

The following quotes about Cole Stoudt, Chad Kelly and Deshaun Watson are from this month's post-practice interview sessions.

OL Eric MacLain
"It's a little bit different at the start, just because you have a little bit different voice back there, but that's all it is. We're still trying to keep that train, keep on going."

"If they were anywhere else, I think all three of them would be starting. They're just amazing quarterbacks. They really control the offense. They're amazing people to watch play."

"Really, the difference between -- [Stoudt] just talks better, he seems like he knows the offense. Then, you've got Chad in there who's pumping us up and you've got a young guy who doesn't know what he's doing at his best, but he's giving it all he can and he's just rolling with it."

"Whoever is back there is going to lead us and we're going to listen to them."

"We're just blocking for whoever is back there."

WR Adam Humphries
"It's pretty interesting to watch. All three quarterbacks want it really badly. It's fun to watch them compete. It's a lot different than last year with just everyone knowing Tajh [Boyd] was the guy. Now, we've got three guys. It's fun to watch them go at it every day and see them compete."

"I know that [Stoudt] as the most experience, but Chad puts just as much work in as any quarterback we have, so does Deshaun. That's the thing. All three put in a ton of work and watch a lot of film. Cole just has more composure in the pocket, I think, coming from his game experience. but I think, throughout the spring, it'll just be a heck of a battle"

Seckinger caught four TD passes last season.
WR Germone Hopper
"They're all playing well. They're just all out there working hard."

"It's too early. They're all just working hard, in my hard. I see all of them working together. It doesn't matter which quarterback is out there. We're still playing the same."

TE Stanton Seckinger
"It's hard. They're all great athletes. Some guys will make plays [then] come back the next time [and] miss a throw or something. Everybody is just battling it out. They're all looking really good. I didn't really know what to expect coming into the spring, but they're looking really good, from my perspective."

"In the end, it's the coaches' decision. Deshaun just got here, so he's trying to get a grasp of the offense. He's a great athlete. He's been doing well in practice. In the end, I guess the coaches will decide."

LB Ben Boulware
"They're all definitely -- Cole and Chad are the veteran players. I know Deshaun is a really smart dude and he's catching on really well. Right now, I think it's pretty even. I don't really have anything to say about that. It's definitely the coaches' decision. They're all three great players." Top Stories