Sooner than expected

When Austin Kendall left February's Elite Junior Day, he knew that Clemson offensive coordinator Chad Morris was going to offer. It was only a matter of when.

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The most likely timeframe was sometime during the summer, sometime during or after the Dabo Swinney Football Camp. Earlier this month, a phone call from Danny Pearman set the ball in motion a little earlier than expected.

"Coach Pearman, he's my recruiting guy, my area recruiter, he contacted my coach, saying for me to call coach Morris or coach [Joe] Craddock, their GA," Kendall said. "Morris didn't answer at first, so I called Craddock and he answered, so he said call again in like 30 minutes. We were just talking and [Morris] kind of got to the point and said, ‘We want to offer. I told you it was coming. We're very interested in you.'"

Kendall told CUTigers that he'll still camp in Clemson, even though he's already picked up the offer.

"I'm going to go to camp just so I can get the experience of working with [Morris] as a quarterbacks coach and see what he's about," Kendall said.

He'll be back in Clemson before June.

"I think I'm going to a spring practice, I don't know about the spring game, but I'm definitely going to go to the camp," Kendall said.

The Tigers' offer "means a whole lot" to him.

"I'm definitely blessed to have that one, especially as a sophomore," Kendall said. "I'm definitely looking forward to establishing my relationship with the coaches there, like I have now, and just keep building on that.

"I just want to see their spring practice, see what they're all about and how coach Morris coaches his quarterbacks and his offense, the way he runs it."

As a sophomore at Charlotte Christian, Kendall passed for 1,668 yards and 20 touchdowns. Top Stories