Into the spotlight

CLEMSON - In the span of just three years, Adam Humphries has gone from a relative unknown to the most experienced, most reliable wide receiver at Clemson.

Humphries was third among Tiger receivers with 41 catches for 483 yards in 2013. For his career, Humphries has 97 catches. All other scholarship receivers at Clemson have combined for 80 total catches.

He and walk-on Daniel Rodriguez are the only senior wide receivers on the team.

"As a veteran now, I know my word means a lot in the receiver room," Humphries said. "I do speak up when I feel I need to.

It's hard to believe that the guy who many viewed as a toss in for the Charone Peake sweepstakes is now in a position like he is heading into for his senior season.

"It's a big responsibility, but I like it," Humphries said. "Daniel Rodriguez is also helping out with that too, so it's been a big step."

After sitting back and watch superstars like Sammy Watkins, DeAndre Hopkins, Martavis Bryant and Peake get most of the attention, there wasn't much room for Humphries to assert himself.

"I know when to speak and not speak. Years ago, I was a younger guy, so I need to listen to my older peers and learn from that," Humphries said. "As a veteran now, I know my word means a lot, so I just speak up when I feel I need to."

Plus, Humphries finished least seasons with eight games with three catches or fewer, five of which he had one or none.

"That's how our offense works. We can have a 200-yard receiver one game and the next game the other guy on the other the end of the field can have a great game," Adam Humphries said. "It's just the look the defense gives us and who's feeling hot that day."

This fall, Humphries will work at the 5-potiions, the spot he played last season after Peake went down with the injury and the 2-position, where he backed up Watkins in 2012. Top Stories